Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer of loooooooooove!

So we're still in Rexburg. But we have definitely been having some excitement lately. On July 25th our friends Brooke and Nick tied the knot, a week later our other friends Kim and Jason followed suit, then five days later my cousin Jessica and hers were married. Since there were only five days between the last two weddings I decided to stay in Utah and hang out with all the family that had traveled there. It was probably one of the most fun weeks ever. From my 70 year old aunts and mom dancing around the table to the Mama Mia soundtrack, to cousin wrestling and football matches and 2 am Big Mac runs. mmmmmm. Definitely miss seeing everyone so often. But now we're back in Idaho, yes. I think the next big thing for us is changing cars. Maybe a truck...maybe another miata...? haha

Our girls at Kim's Wedding

My cousin! and no that's not the groom, that's her grandpa

Dal and me at Jess's wedding

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