Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In order for one to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

Back by popular demand...my third post. Thank you. McCall, I hope business class is going well for you right now. Tell Jim hi for me today, and if you go to McDonalds without me again you're both dead.
So if you recall from earlier, we were debating on our car issues. From this we decided we had really no use for Dallin's Mazda...since we have his little work truck and my ever fabulous Miata. So...a dealership in utah offered us exactly what we wanted for the car. We make a weekend of it and go down. When we get there, they get this team of "searchers" to investigate our car. Come to find out, the car had been in a HUGE wreck before Dallin paid for it. To our loss, this wreck never showed up into any reports and apparantly the dealership never has to tell the buyer anything, oh and that's a rule in Utah, one more reason for me to hate the state, thank you Larry H. Miller. So after we find this out, the dealership refused to even take our car. We went to a couple other places playing dumb and they found the same thing. Even though this car is in great condition, who cares if it's in a wreck, YOU could never tell. Guaranteed. So if any of you out there want an amazing car, boy do we have a deal for you.
Thank goodness though for Kira and Matt, they made our weekend an amazing one. We got to spend the rest of our time with them in their adorable new house. It's not really new, but to me it is, let's just say they put tons of work into it and it looks ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Props to Kira and Matty, we miss you. Oh and Kira...I sure missed our Sunday naps, good blast from the past.
We're back in Rexburg...working, school, fun....yes.


Stan & Ash said...

ash i love you. You need to update your blog

Janine said...

Hey Ashely, I hope you feel better. Don't be sick any more and don't forget to take your vitamins.