Sunday, December 13, 2009

Are you drunk??? No, we're Mormon!

So, as I've said previous, My Whitty is getting married, in fact in a couple weeks now! We are all so excited for her to become the cute little wife we know she'll be! And with this, all of us girls decided she needed a nice long weekend to break her into...some things ;) just kidding. So that's just what we did! Last weekend Ang, Kimmy, Whit and I drove down to meet Celine, Lauren and Kiraface at our hotel in SLC. We stayed up way too late each night with tons of girl talk, laughing (screaming), and music. I really hope we didn't have any neighbors to our two adjoining rooms...

By this time we're dying!

So we spend Saturday shopping, eating, messin around, shopping, eating, hot tubbing, and finally a crazy night at a piano place. I guess it's called a piano bar where there are two dualing pianos. They play absolutely ANYTHING anyone can request and it was so much fun! We happen to sit at the owner's table and make friends, she requests us a bunch of songs and gets the pianists to throw Whit on stage to embarrass her! So amazing! We got a little carried away and became "the life of the party" (according to the players) in the midst of drunks...who knew that was possible! Just goes to show you definitely don't need any alcohol with these girls to have some fun!

Whit's gettin down onstage!

Now everyone needed a little spot light

The beautiful bride to be and me!

All of us


It's always such a great time with these girls and always very needed! Love them and love the times! Once my Whitney!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Steve Nash, House on Haunted Hill, and a few cute monsters

I'm talking about the one time of year I can watch the scariest movies ever and Dallin can't say a word about it to me. That's right, Halloween! I loooooove it! Maybe it's the fact that I LOVE getting scared, but on the other hand I hate being scared. Anyway, it's everything. The cute decorations, the scary movies featured on TV, the most adorable little kids in their costumes, and that feeling that fall is definitely here no matter if we like it or not. Which in my case, it's a love-hate relationship.
I unfortuately had to work during the day, but that didn't keep me from getting ready, I bought a HUGE bag of candy...which I ate a lot of. As soon as I walked in the door from work our doorbell started going crazy. I did not have time to get scary so I threw on my NASH jersey, let my hair down with a SUNS hat over it = Steve Nash during season (with his gross hair, I don't think mine was that bad, but it was effective).

And oooohhhhhhh mmy gosh, this was my first year passing out candy being in the house and since we're in an actual neighborhood, the CUTEST kids came!
My favorite was a darling little Super Woman. As soon as I open the door, "Trick or Treat" and she runs in the house towards me! She stayed for like a minute and started crying when mom took her
Dal and I rounded up the night with a pizza, candy, and the old black and white movie "House on Haunted Hill". Such a fun year! Despite not getting dressed and going out, this year was one of my favorites so far!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Random Sunday Thoughts

Sunday always is a time for random thinking for's nice to have the time to let my mind wander on things, for example...

1. What EXACTLY is's said all the time but how sad is it that I am not quite sure the extent of it...this weeks study thought.
2. How lucky am I to have my Dallin guy! wow is all I can say!
3. I can't believe I've turned into some sap about love, this was never me.
4. Why doesn't NiQuil knock me out when it says it will...LIAR (I need to go to sleep really bad)
5. Why is it that I always want what I can't have? I never used to be a dessert person but now that I shouldn't have it, it's all I want. ughhhhh
6. I am way to lazy to try to be a domestic house wife. BUT I am trying. I stained a crappy desk and made it look amazing, thanks to my amazing cuz Janine for enlightening me on this.
7. What the heck kind of dress am I going to get for Whit's wedding.
8. My nephew Forrest just asked a girl to his first Homecoming...I didn't even know he was old enough. Soooo out of the loop.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dad and his twin...?

Whenever I'm feeling kind of home sick or even simply missing being around my parents I have weird tendencies. Some of which.....listening to Elvis Presley and watching his stupid movies if I can find them, listening to motown, UB40 (I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THEY'RE WHITE....THEY SING REGGAE!!!), etc. But probably the strangest one of all is watching the O'Reilly Factor. I love O'Reilly, and if anyone has ever spent a late afternoon with my family, you'd understand. Not only does the show remind me of my parents, he actually literally reminds me of my dad! I think there is a slight resemblance. He talks like him and makes the same kind of dumb jokes. Although, my dad will substitute "pinhead" for "idiot". Ironic. Topic of the night for Bill? The "pinhead" judge who gave a child molestor a sentence of only probation....aaaand allowing illegals access to health insurance. Hm....Both of which I am STRONGLY against. I hate the latter subject, I'm already getting mad thinking about it. LET'S BUILD A BIG WALL! ( a way)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Pre-Ode to my Whitty

I almost forgot!!! That is not ALL in our lives right now!!!!
One of my closest, nearest and dearest friends, who I feel so lucky to call one of my oldest and best friends is getting married!!!!! ahhhhhhhhHHHH! I'm so excited for her! We went and looked at rings together, looked at wedding dresses, thought about flowers, and all the fun stuff that comes with planning a wedding. She's such an amazing girl and I love her so much. She is marrying a great guy named Colin who is from Twin Falls and he is the country boy she has always wanted :). They are so cute together.
She and I have known each other since early elementary and have been together since then through awkward junior high where WHO knew what we were doing, to dramatic highschool with our hearts that "could never be mended from ex bfs" (haha so dumb), and to college together where the parties never ended, and to now! So take that to that one boy who never thought we would still be friends after all these years! To my Whitty, my NiNi, love you so much and I'm so excited for you to have an amazing life with your sweetheart.

Me and Whit

Santa Barbara vs there EVEN a vs?

Dall and I were able to finally take a MUCH needed vacation this past week, which turned out to be sooooooo fun. We went out to Santa Barbara to visit my sister Susanna and her family. Thankfully she was able to take time out of her crazy busy schedule to have some fun with us. Our first day there we all went out to a little city called Solvang. It's a cool little Danish/Scandinavian town, one of my favorites. By trolly we traveled up and down State St which had a million fun little shops, we went on an amazing sunset sail and saw the sun set into the ocean, so fun. Took many a walk on the beach and actually found a dead sea lion! We weren't sure if it was dead or not so I walked up to it, jumped at it and finally left it alone. But the MOST amazing part about the vacation was probably the food...hands down. Jennifer cooked such amazing meals, and there was the BEST seafood on the harbor and now I'm going through withdrawls being back in Rexburg...cause I could REALLY go for a shrimp cocktail or clam chowder right now. It really was so fun to see Sue, Jennifer, and our cute nieces Cassidy and Ella who are soooo big now! Cassidy is ten and Ella is 5 starting Kindergarten and she has the most attitude I have ever seen a 5 year old possess (sp?), she is so much fun.
It really was great to finally spend some time with my amazing sister and her family, it was much needed.
So now after such a great vacation we are back in Rexburg and wanting even more to leave....even though we know we will miss Rexburg like crazy when it's all said and done.
So Dallin is starting back to school in a couple days, and once again I am so jealous! And he is still an amazing guy...I am lucky.
So other than our amazing vacation, nothing else is really that's it for right now.

Dallin and me in Solvang

Sue, Cassidy, Ella, and me

The dead sea lion

Dallin and I exploring State

Amazing Dal

Cass and me LOVING our yogurtland yogurt...yum!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Thoughts? How about a penny for them....

I know random title but nothing else came to mind. The quote came from the "olden" days when postage was just a penny, so it was only a penny for your thoughts, cute huh. At least that's what my mom told me, the things you learn when your parents are the age your grandparents should be :)
So as of late I've been ridiculously homesick which is so strange for me. I've never been homesick in my life. But I miss the beautiful Arizona desert even though it's a beauty only a true Arizonan would love. I miss the 120 degree heat and my pool. Most of all I'm missing my family. My sweet little neices and nephews are getting too big and I'm not there to harrass them. And worst of all, no one is keeping my parents on their toes anymore!
The closer Dallin gets done with school, the more I start looking in to moving down there...I don't know if he knows this or not. He should though.
Also...I don't know if this is my homesick-ness or not...BUT I WANT A KITTEN! Even though Dallin has said no, I'm not letting this stop me. After all, I let him have a bullet bike which is pretty much a death trap...I RISKED my husband dying every day he had it! right...? right! So I have my arguments all planned out, I just have to present them to him in a logical manner, since that's the only way he'll listen to things like this.
Who knows, maybe in a month or so we'll have a new addition to the Bradley family, and NO THAT DOES NOT MEAN A BABY, SORRY JANINE.

For now, Kitten-less and Ancy in Rexburg

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life and the Times of Dashley

Exciting times for the Bradley's right here, I'll tell you what. We just recently moved into Dallin's (excuse me, OUR :)) rental house here in Rexburg. The stupid renters decided to up and bail on us in the middle of their agreement so of course we had to come to the rescue and move into the house. I know, it's just a hit we have to take :). Thankfully our apartment lease is up and we're renting out the house basement to three guy friends. I'm pretty much a pimp. Let me just say I was not made for apartment living, not this girl. I have been very spoiled living in the house and it's going to be hard to live anywhere else. With that said I'm in the middle of trying to break my feng shui through into my decorating. I'm not very good at it either, well that and the fact that I hate wasting money on decorations/decorative furniture. We will see, pictures to follow when everything's all said and done.
So I'm currently working for PCCI as a donor processor, don't ask it what that is cause I won't tell you, it sounds cooler than it really is. Dallin is working for Big Dog Satellite as an installer, he's really good at what he does. It's really impressive having my cute husband be able to do so many things, he's quite the renaissance man. But in a couple weeks he's going back to school full time and I am SO JEALOUS! I miss being a free spirited college student...I've been thinking about this for a while now (and talking to Dad about it too) and I think I might go back and get a second degree before graduate school...options are....accounting, hospital administration, or my first love - astronomy (shut up don't say a word). Dad is all for accounting which was his. I like this idea especially since that was my first route in college. We will see. This is of course all contingent on Dallin's graduation date, which is still yet to be decided...yes.
Second order of business. My beloved Blackie (my miata) is up for sale. Although I think she's worth much more than what we're asking. Which could be because of all our amazing memories together. She will be missed. Hopefully we'll get a better, upgraded version later in life, I'm so sad it's pathetic.
This afternoon I had a little family chat with Mom, Dad, and my nieces and nephew, Skyris, London and Jaiden. They are the cutest kids EVER. Although my little nephew London is quite the little instigator. I'll share a story about him. He's always had problems paying attention in school, he's not the sit down and be quiet type. He's extremely high spirited and fiesty. One day he and his teacher were having typical problems with him listening. She told him to go to another room and think about how he should listen and obey the things she tells him. After this stupid little quiet time he comes back to her with what looks to be an apology card. Although on the front of it, it says, "Whatever you do, DON'T OPEN!" Of course his teacher opens it only to read his writing saying, "See you don't listen very well either" hahahaha I love this kid...

Me and London

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

So...I have finally reached that un-reachable goal, I graduated from BYUI. yesssssssss! As exciting as it is it's still kinda sad. Considering this has been my life for what...16 years? And now I'm being thrown into the work force, granted it's Rexburg's work force, which means even though I have my four year degree I will still be working next to people who have NOT graduated but still get paid the same amount...that's great. But it will still be a great experience, mmhmm. Dallin is still in school for a couple more semesters...we're both getting fed up with Rexburg and weighing our options on moving somewhere else, I don't know where we would go, but we will see. Mom and Dad have been pushing for us to come back to AZ and for Dallin to go to ASU, he's not to keen on that one though. Although the non freezing temperatures are definitely a reason to go back there...Which leads me to something else! So my stupid little Miata is under an estimated 2-3 feet of snow back in Rexburg! Anyone want to sign up to dig it out? Ya, not me. I'm tempted to just leave it as it is for the winter, like it's actually going to move around in the snow right? On the other hand it is a complete blast to do 360's in in fresh snow.

Me and Dallin at Graduation!

Family afterwards

Exciting!!! Dallin and I just celebrated our first year of being married! Wooooo way to go to us! Huge milestone I know. This is sweet...a few months ago Dallin made reservations for our anniversary at the Scottsdale Princess Resort, which is where we stayed on our wedding night. He had everything completely planned to perfection. However, we had to cancel everything....we got stranded in stupid Las Vegas on our way to AZ because of snow! Since when has it ever snowed (that much?) in Vegas!!?!?! Haha, whatever...Our anniversary was still sweet. We got to eat the top layer of our cake too (my mom kept it frozen for us). Haha, it wasn't quite as good as it was the previous year though.


Not as good as it once was....

The Holidays have been great for us too this year...we spent Thanksgiving with his and Christmas with mine. Both were a lot of fun! New Years was spent with Aunt Iva and cousin Janine's family which was as always, lots of fun. We are very blessed to have such great families and all the support they continually show us. Happy New Year!