Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

So...I have finally reached that un-reachable goal, I graduated from BYUI. yesssssssss! As exciting as it is it's still kinda sad. Considering this has been my life for what...16 years? And now I'm being thrown into the work force, granted it's Rexburg's work force, which means even though I have my four year degree I will still be working next to people who have NOT graduated but still get paid the same amount...that's great. But it will still be a great experience, mmhmm. Dallin is still in school for a couple more semesters...we're both getting fed up with Rexburg and weighing our options on moving somewhere else, I don't know where we would go, but we will see. Mom and Dad have been pushing for us to come back to AZ and for Dallin to go to ASU, he's not to keen on that one though. Although the non freezing temperatures are definitely a reason to go back there...Which leads me to something else! So my stupid little Miata is under an estimated 2-3 feet of snow back in Rexburg! Anyone want to sign up to dig it out? Ya, not me. I'm tempted to just leave it as it is for the winter, like it's actually going to move around in the snow right? On the other hand it is a complete blast to do 360's in in fresh snow.

Me and Dallin at Graduation!

Family afterwards

Exciting!!! Dallin and I just celebrated our first year of being married! Wooooo way to go to us! Huge milestone I know. This is sweet...a few months ago Dallin made reservations for our anniversary at the Scottsdale Princess Resort, which is where we stayed on our wedding night. He had everything completely planned to perfection. However, we had to cancel everything....we got stranded in stupid Las Vegas on our way to AZ because of snow! Since when has it ever snowed (that much?) in Vegas!!?!?! Haha, whatever...Our anniversary was still sweet. We got to eat the top layer of our cake too (my mom kept it frozen for us). Haha, it wasn't quite as good as it was the previous year though.


Not as good as it once was....

The Holidays have been great for us too this year...we spent Thanksgiving with his and Christmas with mine. Both were a lot of fun! New Years was spent with Aunt Iva and cousin Janine's family which was as always, lots of fun. We are very blessed to have such great families and all the support they continually show us. Happy New Year!