Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life and the Times of Dashley

Exciting times for the Bradley's right here, I'll tell you what. We just recently moved into Dallin's (excuse me, OUR :)) rental house here in Rexburg. The stupid renters decided to up and bail on us in the middle of their agreement so of course we had to come to the rescue and move into the house. I know, it's just a hit we have to take :). Thankfully our apartment lease is up and we're renting out the house basement to three guy friends. I'm pretty much a pimp. Let me just say I was not made for apartment living, not this girl. I have been very spoiled living in the house and it's going to be hard to live anywhere else. With that said I'm in the middle of trying to break my feng shui through into my decorating. I'm not very good at it either, well that and the fact that I hate wasting money on decorations/decorative furniture. We will see, pictures to follow when everything's all said and done.
So I'm currently working for PCCI as a donor processor, don't ask it what that is cause I won't tell you, it sounds cooler than it really is. Dallin is working for Big Dog Satellite as an installer, he's really good at what he does. It's really impressive having my cute husband be able to do so many things, he's quite the renaissance man. But in a couple weeks he's going back to school full time and I am SO JEALOUS! I miss being a free spirited college student...I've been thinking about this for a while now (and talking to Dad about it too) and I think I might go back and get a second degree before graduate school...options are....accounting, hospital administration, or my first love - astronomy (shut up don't say a word). Dad is all for accounting which was his. I like this idea especially since that was my first route in college. We will see. This is of course all contingent on Dallin's graduation date, which is still yet to be decided...yes.
Second order of business. My beloved Blackie (my miata) is up for sale. Although I think she's worth much more than what we're asking. Which could be because of all our amazing memories together. She will be missed. Hopefully we'll get a better, upgraded version later in life, I'm so sad it's pathetic.
This afternoon I had a little family chat with Mom, Dad, and my nieces and nephew, Skyris, London and Jaiden. They are the cutest kids EVER. Although my little nephew London is quite the little instigator. I'll share a story about him. He's always had problems paying attention in school, he's not the sit down and be quiet type. He's extremely high spirited and fiesty. One day he and his teacher were having typical problems with him listening. She told him to go to another room and think about how he should listen and obey the things she tells him. After this stupid little quiet time he comes back to her with what looks to be an apology card. Although on the front of it, it says, "Whatever you do, DON'T OPEN!" Of course his teacher opens it only to read his writing saying, "See you don't listen very well either" hahahaha I love this kid...

Me and London