Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dad and his twin...?

Whenever I'm feeling kind of home sick or even simply missing being around my parents I have weird tendencies. Some of which.....listening to Elvis Presley and watching his stupid movies if I can find them, listening to motown, UB40 (I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THEY'RE WHITE....THEY SING REGGAE!!!), etc. But probably the strangest one of all is watching the O'Reilly Factor. I love O'Reilly, and if anyone has ever spent a late afternoon with my family, you'd understand. Not only does the show remind me of my parents, he actually literally reminds me of my dad! I think there is a slight resemblance. He talks like him and makes the same kind of dumb jokes. Although, my dad will substitute "pinhead" for "idiot". Ironic. Topic of the night for Bill? The "pinhead" judge who gave a child molestor a sentence of only probation....aaaand allowing illegals access to health insurance. Hm....Both of which I am STRONGLY against. I hate the latter subject, I'm already getting mad thinking about it. LET'S BUILD A BIG WALL! ( a way)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Pre-Ode to my Whitty

I almost forgot!!! That is not ALL in our lives right now!!!!
One of my closest, nearest and dearest friends, who I feel so lucky to call one of my oldest and best friends is getting married!!!!! ahhhhhhhhHHHH! I'm so excited for her! We went and looked at rings together, looked at wedding dresses, thought about flowers, and all the fun stuff that comes with planning a wedding. She's such an amazing girl and I love her so much. She is marrying a great guy named Colin who is from Twin Falls and he is the country boy she has always wanted :). They are so cute together.
She and I have known each other since early elementary and have been together since then through awkward junior high where WHO knew what we were doing, to dramatic highschool with our hearts that "could never be mended from ex bfs" (haha so dumb), and to college together where the parties never ended, and to now! So take that to that one boy who never thought we would still be friends after all these years! To my Whitty, my NiNi, love you so much and I'm so excited for you to have an amazing life with your sweetheart.

Me and Whit

Santa Barbara vs there EVEN a vs?

Dall and I were able to finally take a MUCH needed vacation this past week, which turned out to be sooooooo fun. We went out to Santa Barbara to visit my sister Susanna and her family. Thankfully she was able to take time out of her crazy busy schedule to have some fun with us. Our first day there we all went out to a little city called Solvang. It's a cool little Danish/Scandinavian town, one of my favorites. By trolly we traveled up and down State St which had a million fun little shops, we went on an amazing sunset sail and saw the sun set into the ocean, so fun. Took many a walk on the beach and actually found a dead sea lion! We weren't sure if it was dead or not so I walked up to it, jumped at it and finally left it alone. But the MOST amazing part about the vacation was probably the food...hands down. Jennifer cooked such amazing meals, and there was the BEST seafood on the harbor and now I'm going through withdrawls being back in Rexburg...cause I could REALLY go for a shrimp cocktail or clam chowder right now. It really was so fun to see Sue, Jennifer, and our cute nieces Cassidy and Ella who are soooo big now! Cassidy is ten and Ella is 5 starting Kindergarten and she has the most attitude I have ever seen a 5 year old possess (sp?), she is so much fun.
It really was great to finally spend some time with my amazing sister and her family, it was much needed.
So now after such a great vacation we are back in Rexburg and wanting even more to leave....even though we know we will miss Rexburg like crazy when it's all said and done.
So Dallin is starting back to school in a couple days, and once again I am so jealous! And he is still an amazing guy...I am lucky.
So other than our amazing vacation, nothing else is really that's it for right now.

Dallin and me in Solvang

Sue, Cassidy, Ella, and me

The dead sea lion

Dallin and I exploring State

Amazing Dal

Cass and me LOVING our yogurtland yogurt...yum!