Monday, November 9, 2009

Steve Nash, House on Haunted Hill, and a few cute monsters

I'm talking about the one time of year I can watch the scariest movies ever and Dallin can't say a word about it to me. That's right, Halloween! I loooooove it! Maybe it's the fact that I LOVE getting scared, but on the other hand I hate being scared. Anyway, it's everything. The cute decorations, the scary movies featured on TV, the most adorable little kids in their costumes, and that feeling that fall is definitely here no matter if we like it or not. Which in my case, it's a love-hate relationship.
I unfortuately had to work during the day, but that didn't keep me from getting ready, I bought a HUGE bag of candy...which I ate a lot of. As soon as I walked in the door from work our doorbell started going crazy. I did not have time to get scary so I threw on my NASH jersey, let my hair down with a SUNS hat over it = Steve Nash during season (with his gross hair, I don't think mine was that bad, but it was effective).

And oooohhhhhhh mmy gosh, this was my first year passing out candy being in the house and since we're in an actual neighborhood, the CUTEST kids came!
My favorite was a darling little Super Woman. As soon as I open the door, "Trick or Treat" and she runs in the house towards me! She stayed for like a minute and started crying when mom took her
Dal and I rounded up the night with a pizza, candy, and the old black and white movie "House on Haunted Hill". Such a fun year! Despite not getting dressed and going out, this year was one of my favorites so far!