Sunday, December 13, 2009

Are you drunk??? No, we're Mormon!

So, as I've said previous, My Whitty is getting married, in fact in a couple weeks now! We are all so excited for her to become the cute little wife we know she'll be! And with this, all of us girls decided she needed a nice long weekend to break her into...some things ;) just kidding. So that's just what we did! Last weekend Ang, Kimmy, Whit and I drove down to meet Celine, Lauren and Kiraface at our hotel in SLC. We stayed up way too late each night with tons of girl talk, laughing (screaming), and music. I really hope we didn't have any neighbors to our two adjoining rooms...

By this time we're dying!

So we spend Saturday shopping, eating, messin around, shopping, eating, hot tubbing, and finally a crazy night at a piano place. I guess it's called a piano bar where there are two dualing pianos. They play absolutely ANYTHING anyone can request and it was so much fun! We happen to sit at the owner's table and make friends, she requests us a bunch of songs and gets the pianists to throw Whit on stage to embarrass her! So amazing! We got a little carried away and became "the life of the party" (according to the players) in the midst of drunks...who knew that was possible! Just goes to show you definitely don't need any alcohol with these girls to have some fun!

Whit's gettin down onstage!

Now everyone needed a little spot light

The beautiful bride to be and me!

All of us


It's always such a great time with these girls and always very needed! Love them and love the times! Once my Whitney!


Anonymous said...

so much fun!! i couldn't hear anything in there, and i never heard that she was the owner! crazy!

Brooke said...

What a fun bachelorette party for Whitney. Looks like you had a blast. If you're ever in AZ again, they have a fun piano jammin' place similar to the one you wrote about in Tempe. It is way fun.

Dallin & Ashley said...

Awesome, I'll have to remember that one next time I'm home! And it was such a blast :)