Friday, February 19, 2010

Vivaaaaa Las Vegas!!! Happy Birthday Dallin guy!

Every time I think of Vegas, Elvis Presley's song runs through my mind for just a second. That's the song that was playing in my head the whole weekend of Dallin's birthday, 'cause guess where we went. VIVAAAAAAAAAA LAS VEGAS! Let's all sing it now.

Off subject claim-to-fame...the one and only, King of Rock and Roll, Elvis, is my great-great (maybe another great) cousin, which explains why my whole mother's side of the family is extraordinarily musically inclined. Too bad I didn't get the voice talent...

Can you see the family resemblance? Ya, I can't either! BUT in highschool, some friends said my older brother looked exactly like him. HA!

It started off as a surprise though. About a month or two before his birthday I was scrambling for ideas to make his quarter of a century birthday (25th) an amazing one. The only thing I could think about was the one place he constantly talks about, sin city. Love that name. So started the process. I let all his best guys know so that they could take the time off to come if they could, booked the ridiculously cheap flights, and with Jenny's help (Dallin's foster sister), we booked an amazing hotel. Love that gal. Got time off work for me, and got work off for him (without him knowing what was going on, so sly). Can I just say how amazing it was that EVERYONE around us knew about this surprise and KEPT IT FROM HIM!? FOR A WHOLE MONTH!
The weekend of the birthday came around and Dane and McCall "invited" us to go to dinner in Idaho Falls, where we were secretly flying out of. So with the bags secretly packed, off we went. After dinner, Dane took the "wrong way home", or so Dallin said. It wasn't until I softly sang "Happy Birthday" to him that he realized what might be happening, but it didn't quite hit him until we stood in line at the ticket counter and he read "Las Vegas" on our tickets.
Finally made it to Las Vegas, THE NEXT MORNING, because the fog was too heavy in IF. Since when do pilots NOT learn how to fly in light fog? Sooo maddening! But one good thing came out of it! We saw one of my good friends, Taralynn and her guy! Very fun and random.

We're finally there...and surprised by a few of his closest friends! This made for a great time there, full of gambling :), eating, laughing, a show, walking the strip, and of course my all time favorite - PEOPLE WATCHING!

Going out on the strip!

Dal's Birthday Dinner

High five blue guy

It was sad to go home...


Janine said...

So fun Ashley! I didn't know you had all that slyness in you! Oh maybe I did! :0

Julia said...

What a fun b-day surprise! I took Burke to Disneyland (his first time) for his 25th. :) Thank you SO SO much for commenting. I am glad to have your blog now and a few others I didn't know about. Congrats to Whitney! I haven't seen her in years! (Same one, right?) Glad you're doing well.

Dallin & Ashley said...

It seems like Vegas is the perfect place for a 25th birthday! Great minds think alike I guess. And yes it's the same Whitney from Poston and Mt. View! Thanks Julia!!!!