Thursday, December 15, 2011

Comin Home Baby

Thanksgiving was spent in AZ this year, and man was I spoiled with nine days there. 
On the airplane down I got to sit next to a guy that I'm almost positive was drunk, so in went the headphones from the beginning.  IPhone shuffle - The Format!  How perfect...nothing says AZ to me like The Format does, GREAT beginning to my trip.
Although most of my time there was spent solely with my parents (which was PERFECT) I did get to see family and friends.  Mom and I spent a lot of our time over at Dorine's with her family, playing cards, talking, eating, etc. 

The first night at about 9, Mom decides we need ice cream.  I am so down.  She and I jump in the car, housecoats/pjs, and head to Dorine's to grab her.  After our ice cream fix we of course HAD to watch a scary movie together.  We started out claiming separate ends of Dorine's couches and by the first 20 minutes of the movie I jumped in the middle of them, there was no extra space between us.  What can I say, we love our scary movies...I admit I am the biggest baby between us three during movies, but once we all get scared you can't tell the difference between our squeals.  The only thing missing was our other sister Deena.

Part of the best time there was seeing my nieces and nephews, it's always the best being able to spend time with them and catch up.  I had to run errands one day and decided to take my cute Lily baby with me. 
Lily is probably the most happy child I have EVER come in contact with.  She's about 5 and is amazingly happy and sweet.  Whenever she sees me she calls out, "My Favorite Auntie Ashley!!!"  Melts my heart everytime and makes me want to give her whatever she wants. 
Anyway, she ran errands with me, by dinner time I decided we both deserved Cafe Rio tacos.  Once we finally got them it literally took her 15 minutes to eat one taco!  Funny story, in the middle of her dinner she tells me she needs to go to the bathroom, so I let her go by herself.  She's in there for about 5 minutes before I get up and see if she's ok.  The bathroom is packed with people as I'm trying to find her.  She finally yells out that she's ok, but then she says, "There are no magazines in here!  Where are they all?!  I can't go without a magazine!"  Yes, she really said that.  Everyone just looks at me...luckily most had a good sense of humor and just laughed and winked at me like I was doing a great mothering job...nice.

Beautiful Lily baby

I canNOT wait till the next AZ trip, I'm feeling like it'll be sooner than later :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cheers to Four Years ...and many, many more

Dal and I are coming in on our 4th anniversary the 18th of this month. I can't believe it's already been this long...time flies :).
For each anniversary before, we've made somewhat of a plan and it has ALWAYS gone down the drain. Our first was spent stuck in Vegas trying to get to AZ because of a freak snow storm. The second was finals in the library for Dallin. The third was Dallin's graduation date! This year we will be closing on our house (cross those fingers) on the 16th which will probably translate to the 18th. No complaints here though! It's a great anniversary gift!
Which brings me to my next thought.
I've always been a tradition kind of gal, so from the first anniversary, I did the traditional gifts each year. 1st - paper: I gave him a VERY sweet card! (don't feel bad for him I gave him cologne too). 2nd - cotton: a beautiful blue cuff link shirt. 3rd - leather: some black driving gloves to go with the Porsche he loved. And now here we are at the 4th. It's flowers/fruit. Wow, What am I going to do?! I'll let ya know once I figure it out though! Cheers to four years. And many, MANY more.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Newest Chapters

I'm sitting here in a Pennzoil station waiting for our car to get an oil change. I'll be here for another hour (I've been here already for 45 minutes) before I can leave. Not just leave the station, but leave Hailey, ID. For good.
Dallin got his dream job at Microsoft. The offer was extended about a week ago and we've been in surreal land the entire time.
I don't know if I've told anyone about what the past nine months have been like for us, but it's truly been an eye opener, a testimony builder, a life changer, and let's not forget the fun.
I'm truly grateful for the things that have happened, and I'm so excited to start the next chapter of our lives in Reno.
It's amazing what time (and a few happenings) can do to the perspective.

Talk to ya in Reno.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodbye Summer 2011

Coming from the land of continual summers (Mesa, Arizona), I am actually intrigued by the changes in seasons.  The colors are amazing (the temperatures are not).
I'm sitting here watching the biggest, blackest storm come over the mountains towards us and I am getting so excited hearing the thunder.  When you grow up in Arizona you tend to get extremely pumped when it rains and storms.  These times come few and far between for Arizonans, it's almost an adrenaline rush for me.

The best part of summer in AZ is monsoon season, I think it's everyone's favorite.
I remember having all my nieces and nephews at the house swimming all day and playing in the rain, then at night having to get out because the storms got so bad.  We'd set all the patio chairs in a row together and watch the fantastic lightening and thunder show, the thunder even got so loud you could feel it rumble in your chest (I hope that makes sense.)

Valley monsoon storms may tie with watching storms from the porch of our cabin in Strawberry, AZ.  The cabin overlooked a valley and mountains, you could see everything including lightening.  There was just something shaking about the thunder up there...

It is safe to say I get more excited about a rainy day than I EVER have about a sunny one.  Nothing is more invigorating to me than to sit on a patio and watch a storm, smell the rain, and hear the thunder.

Monday, September 5, 2011

roll out

The way to Dallin's heart is simple.  Give him something with an engine that he can ride ( if it's a car, it had better be fast) and he'll be happy for days.With that said, Bryce bought a quad a couple months ago and needless to say, Dallin is in love.  I'll admit I LOVE quads, I grew up going out with my sister to Sycamore Creek (you'll understand this Arizonans) and riding like crazy. 
Dallin and Bryce talk on the phone at LEAST twice a day, they are worse than girls, so because of this they constantly plan little quad outings.  It's pretty simple, we go to Rexburg to play and Bryce finds a quad for us to use for the weekend, it's great!
This last weekend we took a typical trip to Rexburg which turned into SO much fun!

 Lots of fun dune riding, plus night riding which I love (this included a dance party in Julie's car, just us, as we drove out)

                                                    Julie thinking she knows how to Dougie                      

                                                                  The Earls

                                                                      The Sorensens

                                                         Us, about to adventure the dunes

                                                                   The Girls

We also did a "must" lay out at Rigby Lake and a trip to Pack Saddle where we convinced Julie to walk out on a tree limb and jump in the lake...haha she actually fell/slid into the lake instead. 

                                                                   Bryce and Dal

                                                                    Beautiful Tetons

                                                            Julie about to fall in the lake!

                                                                   The Group!


But an even better surprise was that Colin and Whit came riding with us!  They even got their hands on two more quads for us to play with from Colin's boss, nice (trusting) guy.
To top off a blast of a weekend, we went to one of my favorites, Chiz's! Yum, their homemade ranch dressing is amazing.

(Dallin is actually trying to talk me into going with him to Rexburg this Tuesday night so he and Bryce can go play on Wednesday on their day off...haha these boys..)

Monday, August 22, 2011

What Once Was

I am a very nostalgic person.  Almost to a fault because I do remember everything.  Dallin and I even have this game where he will ask me what I wore for a certain day during my lifetime and 9 times out of 10 I can remember.  If I was a cheater (which I am not) I could easily make something up, but where is the fun in that?  This is a very strange thing to remember but I do, I don't even plan my outfits...This was just an example of my ridiculous memory...anyway...

I miss playing tennis everyday for at least 3 hours.  It was some of the most fun I had in highschool.  A group of us were a part of a tennis "academy" that happened Monday-Friday from about 4-7 pm, not including tennis practices during the season.  While going to the academy I made amazing friends (Love ya Tula), how could you not spending that much time with people.  It was normally more fun to be there than not, I really took being in shape for granted.  Oh Ace Academy...with love :)

I miss washing my car - the miata to be exact.  I used to be a FANATIC about washing my car, even in college.  I'd make my friends go with me once a week to the car wash, not just the drive-thru, but the legit put-your-quarters-in-before-the-time-runs-out wash where you had to do it all yourself.  It was fun.  I'm not such a nazi anymore, maybe because I don't have a go-cart to wash or maybe it's because my present car hides dirt well (gross).

let's play the memory game :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting back to the Pullens

It is always a blast when Dad and Mom Pullen are able to come hang out with us for a while.  But this time, my sister Susanna was able to take a vacation and meet up with us too!  Susanna lives in Santa Barbara with her family where she owns her own law practice so needless to say finding any time to leave the coast comes few and far between for her.  So we were all ecstatic to hear that she was able to fly out and spend a few days.
During our "Pullen Week" we went on a major hike, unfortunately I ate a huge breakfast burrito before this hike and thought I was going to die a few times.  I literally had to stop and go off the edge a little in case I was going to lose my breakfast...not cool. (Side note: Dal and I just went on this hike this last Saturday and it was WAY more awesome) At the end of the hike we ate lunch at the "Roundhouse Rest." on top of the mountain and took the gondolas back down.  If you ever go to Sun Valley, this is a must.

We also went mountain biking (my new favorite sport), hung out and biked in Ketchum and Sun Valley, and of course had amazing food. 
The only down part about the week was Dallin having to work from 9 am - 7:30 pm every day.  Unfortunately he was doing a little "renovating" in the employee department and didn't have anyone to cover shifts.  BUT he didn't miss dinners. 
But some of the best parts of the trip were just hanging out together and playing games.
My family is amazing, pure amazing.  We're very lucky to have such great families on both sides...

In more recent news, after Dallin's and my hike on Saturday we saw "The Help". Four huge thumbs up from us.  Go see it!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cat and Me

Here we are on the couch. Cat and me loving the lazy life. I adore having a creature of the same nature as me.
Hailey has been good. I got a job working for an audiologist = hearing aids = LOTS of elderly, excuse me "older adults". Apparantly it is no longer politically correct to refer to the older generation as elderly, they take it offensively.
That was just a side note for all you who are sensitive to the ridiculous, politically correct terms that run rampant in this overly sensitive country. Not going on that rant, I don't want to kill my calm buzz.
It's pretty fun working here though, naturally the only people that come in for hearing aids are the older generation, and they all happen to be filthy rich people who have retired to Sun Valley. I get to sit and talk with all these cool older I talked to a guy who used to be the Jack Bauer of the 1960's, Bruce Willis's next door neighbor (who happened to give me some very graphic info on why Bruce and Demi got a divorce which I will not be sharing on here because old man got GRAPHIC. If you'd like to know then we'll chat I'm sure), world renown architect.
Oh the people you'll meet!
Mom and Dad are coming up in a couple weeks. Stoked!
Ps....I'm obsessed (and have been) with this amazingly slam packed tasty treat. Try it, you can't put the bag down, I promise. You're welcome.
Pss - you can feel proud of yourself for eating "smartfood". I think that's the opposite of dumb food, like slim jims or cheez wiz (at least that's what I think of).

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We fell off the face of the earth, and now we're back

So, for the past few months have kind of been a big blur for us. In January we moved out to Reno in hopes of Dallin getting an amazing job while I was able to transfer in my company down there. For one reason or another, things did not pan out the way they should have, despite having some pretty strong feelings otherwise. So from January till the beginning of May we lived with Dallin's amazing parents. Your first thought might be "...oh man, living with the in-laws, good luck!" But no, I'm so lucky to have such fun, kind, loving in-laws that if anything, is was a great experience in getting to know them even better. Wouldn't trade that time for anything looking back on it. Some of the perks were GREAT food from Dwan, sharing recipes (meaning taking all hers), fun family time, getting ADDICTED to American Idol, etc.

But where are we now? Great question, we are in...


I can't believe I'm back in Idaho...Dallin was offered a great management position with his old company Spring wireless with an option to get his MBA, so we jumped at that opportunity, free schooling, heck yes!

This part of Idaho is probably something of the prettiest country I've ever seen. The little town is right between mountains and is about 10 minutes away from the beautiful Sun Valley resort. We've already explored by hiking the mountains in our backyard, visiting Sun Valley (GORGEOUS), eating at some of the most amazing food places EVER, and of course we had to make a couple trips to Rexburg for the fun of it. Couldn't keep us away forever :)

So right now, I am a stay-at-home mom to Xena (yes we got her back) while Dallin is loving work. I actually have a few job ideas right now and just waiting for the ball to kind of start rolling.
But, I really can't get over what a beautiful place we're living in and how blessed we are to be here especially at the beginning of summer. It's such a small picturesque place and it's a perfect time to take a little while in our lives to live somewhere we will probably never get the chance to live in again. My only wish is that we had friends here. It's a VERY small community with no kids our age...HOWEVER one of the cool things is that this is the place that Bruce Willis, Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher live. And they just so happen to live a few streets away from us. Haven't seen them yet but I hear they make appearances quite often, maybe Demi and I will become hiking buddies. Or better yet, me and Ashton.

So if anyone wants to visit the great outdoors of this beautiful area, don't be a stranger!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wishin it was summer again!

Summer '10 was so big for us, so exciting and action packed! Two of the greatest things though were Ang's wedding and the Bradley Family cruise.
Ang's wedding was beautiful, in every aspect of the word. It was not only great to have a little girls reunion, but it was amazing to see our Ang so happy in starting her own family. It's funny though...whenever our girls go to San Fran...something crazy always happens to us! Stopping traffic on the Freeway, almost dying downtown, the list goes on :)

Our girls with beautiful Angela

They got pretty crazy with that cake!

How grateful we were to be able to have such a fun family trip this summer! Dallin's parents were so sweet to take us all on a cruise to Mexico! It was my first and will definitely not be my last!


On Our way to Cabo!

Mazatlan! My fav by far!

Disco night with the Village people and all

Time to go back...esp right now