Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wishin it was summer again!

Summer '10 was so big for us, so exciting and action packed! Two of the greatest things though were Ang's wedding and the Bradley Family cruise.
Ang's wedding was beautiful, in every aspect of the word. It was not only great to have a little girls reunion, but it was amazing to see our Ang so happy in starting her own family. It's funny though...whenever our girls go to San Fran...something crazy always happens to us! Stopping traffic on the Freeway, almost dying downtown, the list goes on :)

Our girls with beautiful Angela

They got pretty crazy with that cake!

How grateful we were to be able to have such a fun family trip this summer! Dallin's parents were so sweet to take us all on a cruise to Mexico! It was my first and will definitely not be my last!


On Our way to Cabo!

Mazatlan! My fav by far!

Disco night with the Village people and all

Time to go back...esp right now

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Marcos and Angela said...

you are adorable and i love you. lets spend next summer together! :)