Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cat and Me

Here we are on the couch. Cat and me loving the lazy life. I adore having a creature of the same nature as me.
Hailey has been good. I got a job working for an audiologist = hearing aids = LOTS of elderly, excuse me "older adults". Apparantly it is no longer politically correct to refer to the older generation as elderly, they take it offensively.
That was just a side note for all you who are sensitive to the ridiculous, politically correct terms that run rampant in this overly sensitive country. Not going on that rant, I don't want to kill my calm buzz.
It's pretty fun working here though, naturally the only people that come in for hearing aids are the older generation, and they all happen to be filthy rich people who have retired to Sun Valley. I get to sit and talk with all these cool older I talked to a guy who used to be the Jack Bauer of the 1960's, Bruce Willis's next door neighbor (who happened to give me some very graphic info on why Bruce and Demi got a divorce which I will not be sharing on here because old man got GRAPHIC. If you'd like to know then we'll chat I'm sure), world renown architect.
Oh the people you'll meet!
Mom and Dad are coming up in a couple weeks. Stoked!
Ps....I'm obsessed (and have been) with this amazingly slam packed tasty treat. Try it, you can't put the bag down, I promise. You're welcome.
Pss - you can feel proud of yourself for eating "smartfood". I think that's the opposite of dumb food, like slim jims or cheez wiz (at least that's what I think of).


Marcos and Angela said...

ASH! those are my fav too! I would always get them on road trips. they are to die for! great minds think alike ;) and congrats on the job baby girl. lovu

Taralynn and Kory said...

so this comment is super delayed...but i LOVE that popcorn too! next time you're at the store you should look for these
(Chipins White Cheddar Popcorn Chips) They're really good too!!