Friday, September 23, 2011

Newest Chapters

I'm sitting here in a Pennzoil station waiting for our car to get an oil change. I'll be here for another hour (I've been here already for 45 minutes) before I can leave. Not just leave the station, but leave Hailey, ID. For good.
Dallin got his dream job at Microsoft. The offer was extended about a week ago and we've been in surreal land the entire time.
I don't know if I've told anyone about what the past nine months have been like for us, but it's truly been an eye opener, a testimony builder, a life changer, and let's not forget the fun.
I'm truly grateful for the things that have happened, and I'm so excited to start the next chapter of our lives in Reno.
It's amazing what time (and a few happenings) can do to the perspective.

Talk to ya in Reno.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodbye Summer 2011

Coming from the land of continual summers (Mesa, Arizona), I am actually intrigued by the changes in seasons.  The colors are amazing (the temperatures are not).
I'm sitting here watching the biggest, blackest storm come over the mountains towards us and I am getting so excited hearing the thunder.  When you grow up in Arizona you tend to get extremely pumped when it rains and storms.  These times come few and far between for Arizonans, it's almost an adrenaline rush for me.

The best part of summer in AZ is monsoon season, I think it's everyone's favorite.
I remember having all my nieces and nephews at the house swimming all day and playing in the rain, then at night having to get out because the storms got so bad.  We'd set all the patio chairs in a row together and watch the fantastic lightening and thunder show, the thunder even got so loud you could feel it rumble in your chest (I hope that makes sense.)

Valley monsoon storms may tie with watching storms from the porch of our cabin in Strawberry, AZ.  The cabin overlooked a valley and mountains, you could see everything including lightening.  There was just something shaking about the thunder up there...

It is safe to say I get more excited about a rainy day than I EVER have about a sunny one.  Nothing is more invigorating to me than to sit on a patio and watch a storm, smell the rain, and hear the thunder.

Monday, September 5, 2011

roll out

The way to Dallin's heart is simple.  Give him something with an engine that he can ride ( if it's a car, it had better be fast) and he'll be happy for days.With that said, Bryce bought a quad a couple months ago and needless to say, Dallin is in love.  I'll admit I LOVE quads, I grew up going out with my sister to Sycamore Creek (you'll understand this Arizonans) and riding like crazy. 
Dallin and Bryce talk on the phone at LEAST twice a day, they are worse than girls, so because of this they constantly plan little quad outings.  It's pretty simple, we go to Rexburg to play and Bryce finds a quad for us to use for the weekend, it's great!
This last weekend we took a typical trip to Rexburg which turned into SO much fun!

 Lots of fun dune riding, plus night riding which I love (this included a dance party in Julie's car, just us, as we drove out)

                                                    Julie thinking she knows how to Dougie                      

                                                                  The Earls

                                                                      The Sorensens

                                                         Us, about to adventure the dunes

                                                                   The Girls

We also did a "must" lay out at Rigby Lake and a trip to Pack Saddle where we convinced Julie to walk out on a tree limb and jump in the lake...haha she actually fell/slid into the lake instead. 

                                                                   Bryce and Dal

                                                                    Beautiful Tetons

                                                            Julie about to fall in the lake!

                                                                   The Group!


But an even better surprise was that Colin and Whit came riding with us!  They even got their hands on two more quads for us to play with from Colin's boss, nice (trusting) guy.
To top off a blast of a weekend, we went to one of my favorites, Chiz's! Yum, their homemade ranch dressing is amazing.

(Dallin is actually trying to talk me into going with him to Rexburg this Tuesday night so he and Bryce can go play on Wednesday on their day off...haha these boys..)