Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My days spilling into nights

It's almost 2.  In the morning.  I made the grave mistake of falling asleep after 5 pm.  Harper was down for the night and the presidential debates were starting to get boring.  Which led me to a nap from 6:45 - 10:15.  MAN!!!!  Here we are on Tuesday now, and it's about to start over.

Manic Monday.  I heard that song today (technically yesterday) and I immediately/without thinking changed the station.  "Just another manic Monday, wish it were Sunday, that's my fun day".  I'm not sure how much of that I'm getting right.  I HATE that song.  The first time I heard it was during my freshman year in college, my very first semester in the dorms.  I was a smart freshman, I didn't schedule any classes till at least 10 am.  Unfortunately that didn't matter since my roommate had all her classes at 7.  Which meant her dumb alarm clock went off at 6 every, single, morning.  It would wake us up loudly to whatever song was on the radio and for some reason (maybe it was because I was extra tired) the music seemed to last a ridiculous amount of time.  So as I lay in my bunk glaring down at her alarm clock and trying not to throw a pillow to make her get up and turn that crap off, a lot of those songs were burned in my memory.  Obviously not in a good way.
(Simone I love you and miss seeing you every day)

I admit, in college we'd stay up anywhere from 2-6 in the morning, so it was my fault.  Especially that first semester.  4-5 am was the typical time I'd crawl into bed.  Actually I'd have to jump the dorm fence and sneak across the courtyard and PRAY I didn't get caught.  My friend Lauren and I seemed to always be getting into trouble in the dorms.  But they had RIDICULOUS rules, one was that when there was a guy in your apartment, everyone's feet had to be on the ground - no indian sitting style, even if you weren't sitting on the same couch as a guy. 

The point was that even after waking up only a couple hours after going to sleep for the night and going to class, I always came home to a nice, long nap.  I don't get that luxury anymore but seeing Harp's darling face, even if I only got 4 hours, makes it seem like it really didn't matter.

She is a little doll.  She's 4 months old and loves to talk.  If I lay her down for a nap before she's quite ready, she'll lay there and growl/talk.  Never cry, but I see and hear her over the monitor growling at me for a minute before she falls asleep.  She's extremely happy and very social.  She recognizes when someone is speaking to her and she locks eyes and will just study you the entire time.  She is very alert and responsive.  She's just started "getting annoyed".  If she's not standing up or turned to see the world around her, she'll let out a warning shot to us that lets us know we've got about 30 seconds to turn her to see everything before she squeals.  She's weighing in at about 12 lbs 3 oz.  She just started doing a little foot stomp too.  When we're holding her up to stand, she'll get excited about something and start stomping her little foot.  I don't know why but it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I promise I'm not torturing her, I just had to take a quick pic of this cute face...she is so dang adorable especially when she's upset!

She's great at grabbing things and pulling.  Motor skills are pretty awesome right now.

My two favorites.

That's another thing.  With Harper blessing our lives, it's become more obvious to me how blessed I've been and am right now.  There's a reason the plan of salvation is called the plan of happiness.  I've never felt this kind of joy and I didn't realize this kind of sublime happiness was possible.   I don't typically like writing about this on here, maybe it's because it's 2:30 and I'm starting to get really tired.  Or maybe it's because I'm brimming with gratitude and I had to get it out some way.  Either, or, it's there.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Harper the Hippo

Harper Bugs, Harpsichord, Harpsy, Harps, Harper Baby, Monster, Punker, BEAUTIFUL
...These are only some of the names we have for her.  Trust me, there's a huge long list.
My darling is 13 weeks today...AMAZING.  She is truly the coolest, most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  I can't be biased, check this doll out.
She looks exactly like Dallin, she has his beautiful eyes, his ears (she was messed either way in the ear department - ones that stick out or big ones - sorry Harps), his smile, his hairline, eyebrows...BUT she has my hands :)
She is amazing with her sleep schedule.  Despite all the company and our messed up days, she has adapted pretty well.  She naps every three hours and sleeps for about seven hours straight at night.  Even though I'm used to a sleep schedule of 8-10 hours a night, I'm cool with this one.
She's alright being in her crib, but this is prime Harper area.

These hands...more of my favorite things.  Even when she was in utero, she poses with her hands and they're gorgeous!

She loves smiling, mornings are her time.  I think she knows it's hard for us to wake up so she smiles extra big and a ton to wake us right up.  Smart girl, it works.

This was at her 2 month appointment where that beast nurse gave her like 4 shots.  I made Dallin hold her so when she got stabbed she'd see him instead of me. 

As you can see in this pic, when I pull her pacifier out she flips and grabs for it.

I never imagined what being a mom would be like.  It is the most amazing thing in the world.  Her smiles are constant and never cease in surprising us with how much we love her.  It's such a vulnerable kind of love, which is so scary but so wonderful at the same time.  

Life and Harper

I am a mother...wait, that didn't sound quite right.  It's more of a "sweet-baby-girl/awesome-new-sidekick" feel.  Regardless of that sentence having its audical appeal, it's true.  I'll admit, I had the same feelings when I was first married.  Maybe it's because I had different expectations of what these huge, life changing moments should feel like.  Anyway.

Despite those few set backs Harper had, she is right where she needs to be.  Beautiful with chub!  Little girl is a fighter and has such a distinct personality already.  She first smiled for me at 4 weeks.  It was after her 4 am feeding and we were just "talking".  It wasn't a food coma smile, I know what those look like.  It was a genuine, looking at me, complete eye contact, smile that lasted about 5 seconds.  The sweetest thing I have EVER seen.  Since then she's been smiling and talking up a storm.  I've never seen such a sweet, content baby; I'm so lucky I have her!
She is now 7 weeks at 9 lbs7-8 oz and loves her food, pacifier, music, going out, standing up and "flying" with Grandpa Gary. 

Along with adjusting to this awesome new addition, I've been recouping from the birth.  Upon leaving the hospital, I was given some Percocet.  One night after taking a big pill cocktail, I was OUT.  I woke up and the full length mirror I have leaning up against my wall was gone.  I asked Dallin if he had moved it for some reason and he, of course, had no idea what I was talking about!  Strangest thing...my mirror had run off by itself and left no trace.  Normally I would pull out an entire investigation to find it but I had more important things (Harper) filling up life.  A couple days later I was cleaning and something shiny caught my eye from under the bed.  Sure enough it was the full length mirror..under the bed...Since Dallin (said he) didn't move it, I have to assume I did for some reason.  I should say, I've been told that I get really weird - saying and doing strange things - when I take Percocet.  I don't know how, when, or why.  No more percocet.

We've had so much fun the past few weeks, it's hard to believe she's almost 2 months already.  My mom and dad stayed here for almost 3 weeks.  It was so nice to have them here especially during the chaos.  They, along with Gary and Dwan, picked up loose ends for us, catered to us, and most importantly made us (maybe just me) feel like we weren't entirely losing our minds.  After they went home, cousins Janine and Jessica came for a few days filled with lounging, shopping, talking, and relaxing.  A week after that my sister Susanna came for a few more days.  Susanna and I share a love for good food and we always seem to capitalize on that when we're together. 
It's been pretty eventful so far, and we're looking forward to friends coming this weekend, Harp's blessing the end of the month with more family, Labor Day with more friends coming out, then September the girls are all coming to Reno for our annual girls weekend!  Wow!  Here comes the fun!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

Introducing the newest Bradley...Harper Sam Dwan Bradley!  Born Friday, June 15th at 6:08 am - 6 lbs 9.5 oz, 19 in long.
Yes, she has two middle names.  It's a Swedish family tradition to have multiple middle names, hence me having three.  I figured three was a little too much so she got Sam - from my middle names Sue Ann Marie which came from my sisters and mom's names and then Dwan from Dallin's mother.

Everything about the pregnancy was pretty easy until the end.  The last week in May I got a call from my doc telling me to get my butt down to the ER because test results came back abnormal.  Long story short - my platelet levels were drastically lower than what they should've been resulting in the doctors thinking I had preeclampsia and HELPP syndrome.  Except, I only had a couple factors in both - not all the full on symptoms.
They discharged me but made me come back into the hospital to be watched a few times until my doc let me go home for good but had me going into get my blood drawn every other day to make sure the platelets didn't drop anymore.  MAN were my arms bruised and ugly!  Finally on June 14th my platelets had gotten so low that doc called me in to be induced that day - he had originally wanted to have it done a week and a half prior but I wanted to see how long I could go.

Luckily my mom flew in the day before, so I had her and Dallin's support going in...I was surprisingly pretty calm while getting everything ready to go to the hospital.  We were admitted at 12:30 pm and started the process.  Since I was at risk for those two diseases they started me on a bunch of drugs including magnesium which I guess controls possible seizures from preeclampsia. 
While the drugs started their work, a nurse had redrawn my blood to have it tested AGAINST my doctor's orders - he was scared my platelets would've dropped even lower from that morning resulting in the anesthesiologists to not touch me with a ten foot pole for an epidural.  That's exactly what happened.  I could hear Dr. Jack fighting and calling multiple anesthesiologists to try and get one to do it - nothin.  Finally he convinced one (after a couple hours) that if my blood was redrawn and the platelets had gone up I'd get an epidural.  Hallelujah!  I wish I was man enough to do it naturally but no thanks.

During this whole fiasco they started me on Pitocin and broke my water - so gross.  After this part I started feeling really sick.  They overdosed me on Magnesium and I passed out which caused the baby's heart rate to drop drastically.  Apparantly tons of doctors and nurses rushed in and started jerking me back and forth and shooting me up with more drugs.
Foreword - I don't remember most of what happened during this whole process.  I had to have Dallin tell me what happened as I wrote this.

After I came to, I got an epidural.  Soon after that my blood pressure dropped to 59/27.  I was pretty much a zombie.  I was in a coma-like state for about 2 1/2 hours.  I remember starting to lose it and Dallin being right in my face telling me to try and focus on staying awake.  It was the hardest thing in the world...eventually my eyes closed and I couldn't move any part of my body.  I went in and out of consciousness and heard a few things being said around me but I couldn't talk or move.  It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest keeping me from breathing normally.  It was the scariest feeling being half way awake but not being able to do anything or move my body.  My body temp kept rising so mine and Dallin's mom had to drape wet towels over me constantly.

Because of this they had to stop the pitocin so my contractions stopped.  After I woke up and we waited a few hours, the contractions didn't start up again...because a nurse had accidentally yanked out the pitocin IV and it was dripping on the floor! My gosh...

After a FEW hours...it was 5 the next morning...I started feeling the pressures to push...an hour later I was able to pull my baby girl out myself and onto my chest.  As I pulled her out and saw her for the first time, I was overcome with so much emotion I could not stop crying.  It was truly the most amazing experience of my life.  I don't know what I was expecting, but that was not it.  I was at a complete loss for words except for the"She's so beautiful", inbetween my sobs.

Meeting Grandma and Umpa

The two best Grandmas

That precious tongue is constantly like this

First bath

Her first visitors!

Our room

Getting checked in

Going home!

After everything had calmed down, Dallin's mom told me how scared everyone was the whole night.  I guess Dallin kept saying, "No more kids, this is the last one".  What we go through I guess...I'm glad I didn't know what was happening.

We went home Sunday.  The next couple days were some of the worst of my life.  I wanted to feed her myself but it seemed like the process was the worst thing in the world to her.  The nurses, our parents, every woman in the world (it seemed) tried to reassure me that I wasn't starving her and that she wasn't supposed to eat much at all, but I couldn't escape the feeling that she wasn't getting enough.  She constantly cried - the most angry cry I've ever heard from a baby.  Yes, I had a few minor, one major, breakdown during this time.  Thankfully she had a doctors appointment only two days later and we found out what was really happening. 

We went in and weighed her...she dropped down to 5lbs 5 oz...I almost passed out.  They watched her latch onto me and said that everything was normal except that she wasn't stimulating my milk to come in so that's why she wasn't getting anything.  The nurse practicitoner suggested giving her a bottle to see what she did.  As I was feeding her I noticed the color in her face started to drain (she was gulping down so fast, my poor baby was starved).  I sat her up and her whole body went completely blue...not just pale blue, but the blue where you think they're dead for sure.  I FLIPPED and started screaming.  The nurse grabbed her from me and started pounding on her back.  She screamed for the doctors who immediately rushed in with a few nurses.  Luckily Harper came back around and got her color after about a minute or two. 
I was completely beside myself...the tears wouldn't stop, and they didn't for about a day.  They put her on an oxygen monitor - of course it was low.  Once her levels evened out they gave her a little more of the bottle to see what would happen...of course her oxygen dropped again.  We were rushed down to the hospital and admitted.  Long story short - we were there a few days to monitor her...they thought she could've had a few diseases that didn't allow her to breathe while she ate.  Luckily it was only that she hadn't learned to suck, swallow, and breathe at the same time.  She picked that up pretty fast and we were discharged only a few days later.

Our Jail bird

Finally leaving the hospital for the 2nd time

Finally home! 

My girl is healthy now and has surpassed her birth weight.  She's a little pig thankfully.  Once she got all the food she wanted she was a completely different baby...so perfect in every way.  She's just like me - angry when hungry.

I couldn't have lasted this process without my amazing Dal.  The greatest support I could've ever asked for.  Both our parents were able to be there for us and I don't think either of us could've stayed sane without them...

1 Week old

All in all those first couple of weeks included such a range of emotion.  We felt the ultimate in love and were scared to the point of shaking and tears - definitely emotions we've never felt and were not prepared for...Welcome to parenthood :).  Yes, she's completely worth it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All about the Mommas

I know this is incredibly late, but I can't write another blogpost without saying something about the mothers.  Specifically, those women in my life.

Barbara Ann

Ba-ba-ba-ba-Barbara Ann (Yes, I did count that one out). 

*Loves the smell of babies and rain.
*Incredibly gorgeous, always has been, but truly doesn't know just how gorgeous.
*Vaseline, roses, and flannel sheets always remind me of her.
*Cares more about others than she does herself.
*Reads the scriptures/any church material more than anyone else I know.
*My closest friend.

These are only a few things about Barb.  She is the ultimate in divine nature - like, this is where the young women's theme came from.
Everyone says their mother is the best, and I completely understand that.  Knowing someone THAT long and spending THAT much time with them, especially when that someone would give up anything for you, they better be the best person you know.  We owe that much to them at least.


*The mother of my amazing Dallin...what else can I say?
*Has opened her heart and family to me without reserve.
*SO beautiful (these women are top notch).
*One of the most creative people I've ever met - she can turn anything beautiful.
*Has my same appreciation for good food :)

It has been such a blessinig living so close to her and learning from her.  It's amazing to see similarites between her and Dallin and to be able to say..."huh, that's where he got that!"  It happens almost on a daily basis.

My amazing aunts and cousins (the ones who should be your aunt's age), my sisters, the women I grew up around - neighbors, ward ladies, mother's friends.  There are so many women in my life I owe  my knowledge, traits, and such to.  I could literally write a huge, long list, and I will - just not here.
I've always loved my mother and appreciated  her, but even just having little girl growing inside me has given me a deeper appreciation of what our mothers have and will go through for us.  I'm sure I have no idea the extent of this quite yet, but wow...some strong sentiments.

Monday, April 16, 2012


One of my closest, best friends - Angela, tagged me in this...


1. Post these rules

2. Post 11 random facts about yourself

3. Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you

4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag

5. Tag 11 people

11 Random Facts about myself:

  1. Growing up, my dad put me in every after-school sports program starting in 4th grade.  It included basketball, hockey, soccer, and football.  I was one of the only girls and not only that, but I was about 50 lbs smaller than the other kids so the boys were scared to come near me which made scoring goals, touchdowns, etc A LOT easier. 
  2. I love animals...mostly at a distance.  The only house pets I really like are ones that are very non intrusive - like my cat Xena.  She's small, doesn't make noise, she doesn't smell, and doesn't need constant attention like a dog.
  3. I never saw myself being a Mom when I was younger, I still can't see myself as one.  Here we go anyway.
  4. At girls camp 4th year, I had to give a Sacrament talk.  I jokingly told one of my friends to take a picture while I was up there.  I didn't think she'd actually do it since it was Sacrament meeting, but during the middle of the talk I hear this "Click" and I'm blinded by a huge flash.  It caught everyone including me so off guard.
  5. I LOVE to travel.  This probably stems from my Dad.  That's what we did for fun, whether it was flying out to California for the weekend to visit my sister, driving to the different national parks (Zions is still my absolute favorite), or even just a quick trip to the cabin and exploring the beautiful surrounding area.
  6. I first highlighted my hair when I was 16.  I didn't want to AT ALL but my dad convinced me to have my cousin do it.  I ended up loving it!
  7. My sister denies this up and down, but it happened.  She put me in the clothes dryer when I was 6 and turned it on for a few seconds until I kicked the door open. 
  8. I have never broken any bones, which is amazing to me seeing as how I've fallen out of trees, jumped off our roof and thrown around by my nephew.  He and I are only a few months apart and were really close growing up.  For some reason we thought it would be fun for him to hold onto my arms and swing me around.  It was a lot of fun until he let go and I went flying across the yard.  I'm still in shock I didn't break anything. 
  9. My mom is the most honest person I know - at least to me.  If I ever really need to know the truth about something I ask her and she always tells me exactly how it is.  I love this about her, especially because I think it's an attribute that's hard to find in people.
  10. I am ridiculously close to my parents.  I didn't realize how involved and close we were until I went to college and friends told me.  It's always been us three and I loved it.  They're my best friends, they've had the most amazing life experiences and are some of the greatest people I have ever known.
  11. I love knowing someone's history, where they came from, their life experiences.


  1. If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do, where would you go, and what would you eat?   * I never know how to answer this question, I don't like it...I'd probably spend it with those I love the most.
  2. Nsync or Backstreet? (Cuz were in 6th grade again, ok?)                                                                 * Haha, niether.  I never truly liked them.  BUT I like Justin  Timberlake when he broke away and made that great album back in 06.                                                             
  3. Why in your opinion is Rihanna singing songs with Chris Brown who beat her to a pulp? (this has been on my mind lately!)                                                                                                           * Such an Angela question.  I think she's an idiot.  If she keeps going back to him and spending time with someone so abusive then she has some serious self esteem issues.                                                                                                 
  4. Who is your favorite president and why?                                                                                        * How can you top George Washington and the precedent he set for the country?  But I also loved the stories of Theodore Roosevelt.                                                                                
  5. If you could travel on an all expenses paid dream vacation and could only take 4 ppl with you, who would you go with and where would you go?                                                                           *Definitely Dallin and my parents - All over Europe.
  6. If you could relive one moment from your life (any event, small moment or even a day) what would that be?                                                                                                                              *Our wedding day.  I'd love to relive the amazing feelings and the things that were said that day.  Plus, seeing everyone again would be great.                                                                                                                              
  7. All time favorite meal?                                                                                                                    * This changes on a daily basis.  Something that has a different array of foods, I love having options :)
  8. Madonna or Janet? (tough one, I know)                                                                                          * Madonna - only because she was in "A League of Their Own"
  9. If you were a celebrity and could name your child something crazy like "Blue Ivy" what insane name would you come up with? -be creative!                                                                     *Haha...I don't know
  10. Where are you living and what is the most exciting thing going on in your life right now?   *Reno!  Pretty obvious that the most exciting thing is this baby coming in a couple months.
  11. What is your worst fear/phobia?  
               *The unknown. 

We're Cruisin

The past couple months have been awesome! Mid March, Dallin went on two business trips back to back...so for two weeks I decided to head back to the valley.  How great that was!  One of my favorite things is to just hang out with my parents, which I did a ton.  I got to see cousins, old friends, and my amazing mom and sister threw me a surprise baby shower!!  The best part was seeing all the wonderful women, family, and friends I grew up with.  It was such a fun time, and I left AZ with some MUCH needed baby things!  I hardly took any pictures, save for the  typical ones of my nieces and nephews.  I'm so bad at remembering to take my phone out and snap a few.

A few days after Dallin and I got back from our traveling, one of my best, best friends Kira came out to visit!!  She brought her BEAUTIFUL baby Jett (seriously the cutest little boy in the world).  We had so much fun eating, napping :), talking, being our ridiculous selves, AND getting things ready for Baby Bradley.  We painted/redid a dresser and glider with Dwan, painted the baby's room, shopped.  And of course I didn't take pictures, but she did!

Out to dinner, Dallin giving Jett Coke...man that boy loves Coke and fries!  He truly is family :)

One of our many naptimes. 

I loved having Kira and Jett here and I'm definitely missing them now.  But we're keeping busy by getting the rest of the house painted, it's crazy how long it really takes...BUT it's looking great.  Can't wait to post pics of it all when it's done!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Me and Sleep

I am normally not one to have a problem falling asleep, anywhere. There is no exaggeration in this either. Dallin even jokes (actually being very serious) that we can't go anywhere in the car for longer than 10 minutes otherwise I'm out. With that said, pregnancy has screwed me up in the sleep department. For a few months I couldn't sleep AT ALL...I tried staying up late and forcing myself to wake up early...nope. Then there were the months (yes months) where there was nothing in the world that could get me out of bed.
Here I am, 12:30 in the AM, about 2 hours past my lately normal bedtime. Why? Because it has hit me like a ton of bricks - everything that I need to do before baby gets here. Everything that needs to be done, everything I need to still buy. Yes, this list just keeps growing in my head and I just want to sleep.
Oh gosh, and then there's the problem with all this baby crap..do I really need a diaper genie? Am I going to regret not getting this specific baby bathtub? This is so stupid...
Baby mommas, WHAT ARE THE NECESSITIES and what do you wish you would've gotten?

I'm going shopping tomorrow.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Everything Lovely

Here we go...

Girl is starting to show through

Here we are at 21 weeks of pregnancy with a little baby girl.  I canNOT believe what we are in for, and I couldn't be more excited about it.
The day before Valentine's Day was "THE" ultrasound, the one where we found out what we'd be expecting.  All day I paced around, trying not to psych myself out one way or the other.

Sidenote:  Since day one it had "felt" like a little girl, but I tried not to think about it until I knew for sure.

In the middle of me franctically cleaning the house (I do this when I'm really freaked/mad/upset/anxious), the doorbell rings and I open it to find the most beautiful flowers and chocolates from Dal.  They came a day early but oh, how I needed it!

Chocolates are not pictured, I did not waste any time in eating them. I've never craved truffles the way I do now...must be the extra estrogen.

As I was talking to my sister about Girl, she said something I liked...you're growing your very own best friend.  Funny, but true, I never thought of it that way! 
July 2nd, you can't come soon enough!  I already want her to be here and by the way she kicks and squirms CONSTANTLY, I think she wants out too.


So dramatic..truly a girl.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Never in a Million..

Dallin and I were watching a show earlier and it showed a family swimming with stingrays down in Stingray City.  The family looked happy, ecstatic, as if it was the best thing in the world.  I asked Dallin if he would ever do that..."sure, why not".  Gag, I'll tell you why not...if they can kill Steve Irwin they can kill me.  Ok ya, I know it was a different incident but I'd rather take my chances doing something else.  This turned into a discussion of why I would never do that...but first, I have to preface this with a little incident that I like to call "Attack of the Octopus".
My sister took me to Hawaii when I was 12, it was amazing!  One of the things I was so excited about doing (I couldn't WAIT) was snorkel with all the crazy fish, of which was promised to be some real cool ones.  We were dropped off at a reef and swam with some amazing fish and animals.  Towards the end of the snorkel adventure, I went off by myself a little ways and found myself surrounded by a school of fish, totally not scared that I was swimming with them.  The school got tighter and tighter around me (which freaked me out) and then I felt some sort of bite around me ankle!!!!!  I start freaking out thinking the worst has happened.  My stupid 12 year old mind goes straight to pirhanas and I frantically try to get away back towards our boat.  As I'm flopping back I see a bright red and orange octopus following me, it literally chased me all the way back!!!  I swear I made it back in the boat within inches of my life.  Needless to say it wasn't all that big of a deal but it has scarred my memory enough so that if I see fish in the water where I swim, I panic just a little.  Before this, the thought of swimming in the ocean with all sorts of things was a thrill...not anymore.

This is what the killer looked like.

Even snorkeling with Dallin's family for the first time was a trip.  I didn't tell anyone about my octopus incident till after the fact, it is kind of ridiculous.  Once the boat dropped us off, I swallowed my fear and jumped.  Of course the fish followed me and got too close for comfort, which led me to literally flopping in the water to try to scare them away from me.  Dallin seriously thought something was wrong with me.  I've told him my story since then and he still thinks I'm a pansy.  I don't think pansy is a good word, because obviously I went snorkeling again and I do swim in oceans and lakes. 
But back to the stingrays...there is nothing that sounds worse than those beasts crawling up my back with their death spear tail centimeters away from killing me. 

After swmming in the ocean in Mexico...totally chill

Death by stingray...I doubt he got away.

And if Dallin thinks I'm a pansy, you should see what a little girl he is if he sees a snake...I'm done.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Four Years?! Really?

Saturday morning, December 17 -
Dal and I do Saturday morning cleaning together then chill at about 2pm.  At 4pm he tells me to get ready and to pack an overnight bag with a couple clothing options.  Huh, I wonder what he's got in store...We leave the house at about 6pm and he takes me to the Lodge Restaurant to eat, great conversation, great atmosphere, and GREAT chocolate cake!  We head to downtown Reno and show up at the Peppermill, which happens to be a little away from the strip and is also one of the nicer hotels here.  He surprised me with a weekend getaway to dowtown Reno for our anniversary!  After we hung out in our room for a little we decided to wander the casino and hotel, there was lots to see! 

Our weekend included swimming outside in 40 degree weather, the pool was heated so it was perfect, lots of eating, relaxing, exploring, etc.  It was such a perfect weekend, I couldn't have planned it better myself.  We also remembered our wedding day and the funny stories...

1.  It was 5:30 in the morning when I got up to get ready.  After doing the initial stuff I sat down in the living room just thinking about what I was about to do later that day when all of a sudden the back door opens and in walks Whitney with a McDonald's breakfast for me, what a doll!  All the girls walked in with her to start helping me get ready, talk about good friends.
2.  We just got to the reception hall when I realized I didn't have my bouquet and hadn't had it all day!  Celine and the girls to the rescue!  They ran over to the temple where the florist had dropped it off earlier that day and requested a temple worker to grab it from the fridge that sat by the entrance, which was just for bridal bouquets.  For some reason or another they wouldn't get it for them so Celine runs past them into the temple, grabs my bouquet from the fridge and they book it out of there before anyone knows what happened!
3.  On the way to the temple with Mom and Dad, Dad jokes around that we could still skip out if I wanted to..half serious half joking :)
4.  Dallin went to sleep the night before the wedding with a couple people in his hotel room and woke up the next morning to about 10 people including a girl sleeping on his floor.

I can't believe it's been four years already, the best four years.  I don't remember why I was ever scared in the first place to get married, but it's been the most fun, exciting, loving, BEST time ever.  Love ya Dallin!

Our room, first morning room service breakfast!

Dal and I racing each other

I won :) 

Dallin in the "Hot Seat"

It was shocking him so bad, but he wouldn't let go! So stubborn..