Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Never in a Million..

Dallin and I were watching a show earlier and it showed a family swimming with stingrays down in Stingray City.  The family looked happy, ecstatic, as if it was the best thing in the world.  I asked Dallin if he would ever do that..."sure, why not".  Gag, I'll tell you why not...if they can kill Steve Irwin they can kill me.  Ok ya, I know it was a different incident but I'd rather take my chances doing something else.  This turned into a discussion of why I would never do that...but first, I have to preface this with a little incident that I like to call "Attack of the Octopus".
My sister took me to Hawaii when I was 12, it was amazing!  One of the things I was so excited about doing (I couldn't WAIT) was snorkel with all the crazy fish, of which was promised to be some real cool ones.  We were dropped off at a reef and swam with some amazing fish and animals.  Towards the end of the snorkel adventure, I went off by myself a little ways and found myself surrounded by a school of fish, totally not scared that I was swimming with them.  The school got tighter and tighter around me (which freaked me out) and then I felt some sort of bite around me ankle!!!!!  I start freaking out thinking the worst has happened.  My stupid 12 year old mind goes straight to pirhanas and I frantically try to get away back towards our boat.  As I'm flopping back I see a bright red and orange octopus following me, it literally chased me all the way back!!!  I swear I made it back in the boat within inches of my life.  Needless to say it wasn't all that big of a deal but it has scarred my memory enough so that if I see fish in the water where I swim, I panic just a little.  Before this, the thought of swimming in the ocean with all sorts of things was a thrill...not anymore.

This is what the killer looked like.

Even snorkeling with Dallin's family for the first time was a trip.  I didn't tell anyone about my octopus incident till after the fact, it is kind of ridiculous.  Once the boat dropped us off, I swallowed my fear and jumped.  Of course the fish followed me and got too close for comfort, which led me to literally flopping in the water to try to scare them away from me.  Dallin seriously thought something was wrong with me.  I've told him my story since then and he still thinks I'm a pansy.  I don't think pansy is a good word, because obviously I went snorkeling again and I do swim in oceans and lakes. 
But back to the stingrays...there is nothing that sounds worse than those beasts crawling up my back with their death spear tail centimeters away from killing me. 

After swmming in the ocean in Mexico...totally chill

Death by stingray...I doubt he got away.

And if Dallin thinks I'm a pansy, you should see what a little girl he is if he sees a snake...I'm done.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Four Years?! Really?

Saturday morning, December 17 -
Dal and I do Saturday morning cleaning together then chill at about 2pm.  At 4pm he tells me to get ready and to pack an overnight bag with a couple clothing options.  Huh, I wonder what he's got in store...We leave the house at about 6pm and he takes me to the Lodge Restaurant to eat, great conversation, great atmosphere, and GREAT chocolate cake!  We head to downtown Reno and show up at the Peppermill, which happens to be a little away from the strip and is also one of the nicer hotels here.  He surprised me with a weekend getaway to dowtown Reno for our anniversary!  After we hung out in our room for a little we decided to wander the casino and hotel, there was lots to see! 

Our weekend included swimming outside in 40 degree weather, the pool was heated so it was perfect, lots of eating, relaxing, exploring, etc.  It was such a perfect weekend, I couldn't have planned it better myself.  We also remembered our wedding day and the funny stories...

1.  It was 5:30 in the morning when I got up to get ready.  After doing the initial stuff I sat down in the living room just thinking about what I was about to do later that day when all of a sudden the back door opens and in walks Whitney with a McDonald's breakfast for me, what a doll!  All the girls walked in with her to start helping me get ready, talk about good friends.
2.  We just got to the reception hall when I realized I didn't have my bouquet and hadn't had it all day!  Celine and the girls to the rescue!  They ran over to the temple where the florist had dropped it off earlier that day and requested a temple worker to grab it from the fridge that sat by the entrance, which was just for bridal bouquets.  For some reason or another they wouldn't get it for them so Celine runs past them into the temple, grabs my bouquet from the fridge and they book it out of there before anyone knows what happened!
3.  On the way to the temple with Mom and Dad, Dad jokes around that we could still skip out if I wanted to..half serious half joking :)
4.  Dallin went to sleep the night before the wedding with a couple people in his hotel room and woke up the next morning to about 10 people including a girl sleeping on his floor.

I can't believe it's been four years already, the best four years.  I don't remember why I was ever scared in the first place to get married, but it's been the most fun, exciting, loving, BEST time ever.  Love ya Dallin!

Our room, first morning room service breakfast!

Dal and I racing each other

I won :) 

Dallin in the "Hot Seat"

It was shocking him so bad, but he wouldn't let go! So stubborn..