Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Me and Sleep

I am normally not one to have a problem falling asleep, anywhere. There is no exaggeration in this either. Dallin even jokes (actually being very serious) that we can't go anywhere in the car for longer than 10 minutes otherwise I'm out. With that said, pregnancy has screwed me up in the sleep department. For a few months I couldn't sleep AT ALL...I tried staying up late and forcing myself to wake up early...nope. Then there were the months (yes months) where there was nothing in the world that could get me out of bed.
Here I am, 12:30 in the AM, about 2 hours past my lately normal bedtime. Why? Because it has hit me like a ton of bricks - everything that I need to do before baby gets here. Everything that needs to be done, everything I need to still buy. Yes, this list just keeps growing in my head and I just want to sleep.
Oh gosh, and then there's the problem with all this baby crap..do I really need a diaper genie? Am I going to regret not getting this specific baby bathtub? This is so stupid...
Baby mommas, WHAT ARE THE NECESSITIES and what do you wish you would've gotten?

I'm going shopping tomorrow.


Jill and Dane said...

I returned my diaper genie, and just used plastic grocery bags and took them out. I thought it was a lot easier. I also had like 15 full outfits for Boston and STILL thought he didn't have enough clothes, but realized that 90% of the time we were at home and in onesies...I didn't need that many outfits. And our baby swing and bouncy seat turned out to be musts!

When are you due? So exciting! Sorry about the screwed up sleeping...pregnancy is rough on the body. good luck!

Jason and Bria said...

we have a diaper genie but we have the munchkin brand and we love it. wouldn't go any other way. it sits by the changing table and once its full we just take out the bag. and you can't smell the diapers at all.

Pierina said...

ash! i'm the same way!! i don't know all the things i MUST get. i just told myself that if i forget to get some of the things i need then i can always just buy them after the baby gets here and as i need them. it's not worth stressing. i don't even know what kind of diaper bag to get. they are all ugly and the cute ones way too expensive. and i don't know if it is worth buying a expensive/cute one and use it with all my kids or by a cheaper one that will do for now. soo many decisions!!!

Aaron & Drew Rucker said...

no to the diaper genie - doggie bag those things and get them out of the house. i think the 2 most useful things for us were def the infant bathtub (though we got a pretty basic one from walmart, no need for any fancy business on those), a swing, and a little bouncer thing.

Dallin & Ashley said...

Thank you guys! This actually really helps!

The Atomic Mom said...

This is Joyce, I didn't know you had a blog...

So here goes:

I do not have a Diaper Genie. In the words of Marie, "the most useless thing ever invented". Seriously, I use plastic grocery bags and throw them out twice a day. Along those lines, get a can of lysol, spray when stinky. If you have a 2 story apt/house have a little basket for diaper changing on both floors. It will save you time.

Baby bathtubs just take up room. When you have your baby, you should get a little plastic basin at the hospital, take it home. Fill it up and sponge bath your baby for the first few months. Then get a bath sponge. It's excatly what it sounds like. Lay baby on it and then bathe. Wring out when you're done. Get a new one every other month, and when the baby can sit up, you will no longer need it.

Get a bunch of cheepy wash cloths and use them to wipe up spit up. Cloth diapers are also EXCELLET burp cloths. Someone gave me a few with this last baby, they even sewed some pretty ribbon on them. Very crafty.

Learn how to swaddle your baby...they love it. Have swaddle blankets or get the Kiddopotamus swaddlers. Very easy -- they have velcro! I suggest also watching "Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr Harvey Karp. He talks about the ways in which to keep your baby happy -- they're called the 5 S's. Saved our life!

We also have a little bouncy chair. Currently Jeffrey sleeps in that, and not his crib. Babies sometimes have reflux the first few months of life and have a hard time laying flat. It's been a life saver!

Baby gas drops. Also a total life saver....it will help the first month or so as you baby learns to burp.

And even if you plan on breastfeeding exclusively, keep all the free formula samples they give you at your drs office and in the hospital. You never know if you'll need to supplement and it's nice to have some samples before you buy. Also, I recommend AVENT bottles and nipples.

That's all I can think of right now. Sorry you're having insomnia. I have terrible problems with that when I'm pregnant. I read A LOT of books this last time around -- at 3:37 in the morning! And when I think about it, I haven't had a full nite of sleep in over 4 years. Good times!

Anyway....I am happy for you. Good luck with everything