Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All about the Mommas

I know this is incredibly late, but I can't write another blogpost without saying something about the mothers.  Specifically, those women in my life.

Barbara Ann

Ba-ba-ba-ba-Barbara Ann (Yes, I did count that one out). 

*Loves the smell of babies and rain.
*Incredibly gorgeous, always has been, but truly doesn't know just how gorgeous.
*Vaseline, roses, and flannel sheets always remind me of her.
*Cares more about others than she does herself.
*Reads the scriptures/any church material more than anyone else I know.
*My closest friend.

These are only a few things about Barb.  She is the ultimate in divine nature - like, this is where the young women's theme came from.
Everyone says their mother is the best, and I completely understand that.  Knowing someone THAT long and spending THAT much time with them, especially when that someone would give up anything for you, they better be the best person you know.  We owe that much to them at least.


*The mother of my amazing Dallin...what else can I say?
*Has opened her heart and family to me without reserve.
*SO beautiful (these women are top notch).
*One of the most creative people I've ever met - she can turn anything beautiful.
*Has my same appreciation for good food :)

It has been such a blessinig living so close to her and learning from her.  It's amazing to see similarites between her and Dallin and to be able to say..."huh, that's where he got that!"  It happens almost on a daily basis.

My amazing aunts and cousins (the ones who should be your aunt's age), my sisters, the women I grew up around - neighbors, ward ladies, mother's friends.  There are so many women in my life I owe  my knowledge, traits, and such to.  I could literally write a huge, long list, and I will - just not here.
I've always loved my mother and appreciated  her, but even just having little girl growing inside me has given me a deeper appreciation of what our mothers have and will go through for us.  I'm sure I have no idea the extent of this quite yet, but wow...some strong sentiments.

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Taralynn and Kory said...

just wait til that little baby you're growing is in your arms. the appreciation, respect and love for your mom is about to grow 100 times more!