Friday, July 6, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

Introducing the newest Bradley...Harper Sam Dwan Bradley!  Born Friday, June 15th at 6:08 am - 6 lbs 9.5 oz, 19 in long.
Yes, she has two middle names.  It's a Swedish family tradition to have multiple middle names, hence me having three.  I figured three was a little too much so she got Sam - from my middle names Sue Ann Marie which came from my sisters and mom's names and then Dwan from Dallin's mother.

Everything about the pregnancy was pretty easy until the end.  The last week in May I got a call from my doc telling me to get my butt down to the ER because test results came back abnormal.  Long story short - my platelet levels were drastically lower than what they should've been resulting in the doctors thinking I had preeclampsia and HELPP syndrome.  Except, I only had a couple factors in both - not all the full on symptoms.
They discharged me but made me come back into the hospital to be watched a few times until my doc let me go home for good but had me going into get my blood drawn every other day to make sure the platelets didn't drop anymore.  MAN were my arms bruised and ugly!  Finally on June 14th my platelets had gotten so low that doc called me in to be induced that day - he had originally wanted to have it done a week and a half prior but I wanted to see how long I could go.

Luckily my mom flew in the day before, so I had her and Dallin's support going in...I was surprisingly pretty calm while getting everything ready to go to the hospital.  We were admitted at 12:30 pm and started the process.  Since I was at risk for those two diseases they started me on a bunch of drugs including magnesium which I guess controls possible seizures from preeclampsia. 
While the drugs started their work, a nurse had redrawn my blood to have it tested AGAINST my doctor's orders - he was scared my platelets would've dropped even lower from that morning resulting in the anesthesiologists to not touch me with a ten foot pole for an epidural.  That's exactly what happened.  I could hear Dr. Jack fighting and calling multiple anesthesiologists to try and get one to do it - nothin.  Finally he convinced one (after a couple hours) that if my blood was redrawn and the platelets had gone up I'd get an epidural.  Hallelujah!  I wish I was man enough to do it naturally but no thanks.

During this whole fiasco they started me on Pitocin and broke my water - so gross.  After this part I started feeling really sick.  They overdosed me on Magnesium and I passed out which caused the baby's heart rate to drop drastically.  Apparantly tons of doctors and nurses rushed in and started jerking me back and forth and shooting me up with more drugs.
Foreword - I don't remember most of what happened during this whole process.  I had to have Dallin tell me what happened as I wrote this.

After I came to, I got an epidural.  Soon after that my blood pressure dropped to 59/27.  I was pretty much a zombie.  I was in a coma-like state for about 2 1/2 hours.  I remember starting to lose it and Dallin being right in my face telling me to try and focus on staying awake.  It was the hardest thing in the world...eventually my eyes closed and I couldn't move any part of my body.  I went in and out of consciousness and heard a few things being said around me but I couldn't talk or move.  It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest keeping me from breathing normally.  It was the scariest feeling being half way awake but not being able to do anything or move my body.  My body temp kept rising so mine and Dallin's mom had to drape wet towels over me constantly.

Because of this they had to stop the pitocin so my contractions stopped.  After I woke up and we waited a few hours, the contractions didn't start up again...because a nurse had accidentally yanked out the pitocin IV and it was dripping on the floor! My gosh...

After a FEW was 5 the next morning...I started feeling the pressures to hour later I was able to pull my baby girl out myself and onto my chest.  As I pulled her out and saw her for the first time, I was overcome with so much emotion I could not stop crying.  It was truly the most amazing experience of my life.  I don't know what I was expecting, but that was not it.  I was at a complete loss for words except for the"She's so beautiful", inbetween my sobs.

Meeting Grandma and Umpa

The two best Grandmas

That precious tongue is constantly like this

First bath

Her first visitors!

Our room

Getting checked in

Going home!

After everything had calmed down, Dallin's mom told me how scared everyone was the whole night.  I guess Dallin kept saying, "No more kids, this is the last one".  What we go through I guess...I'm glad I didn't know what was happening.

We went home Sunday.  The next couple days were some of the worst of my life.  I wanted to feed her myself but it seemed like the process was the worst thing in the world to her.  The nurses, our parents, every woman in the world (it seemed) tried to reassure me that I wasn't starving her and that she wasn't supposed to eat much at all, but I couldn't escape the feeling that she wasn't getting enough.  She constantly cried - the most angry cry I've ever heard from a baby.  Yes, I had a few minor, one major, breakdown during this time.  Thankfully she had a doctors appointment only two days later and we found out what was really happening. 

We went in and weighed her...she dropped down to 5lbs 5 oz...I almost passed out.  They watched her latch onto me and said that everything was normal except that she wasn't stimulating my milk to come in so that's why she wasn't getting anything.  The nurse practicitoner suggested giving her a bottle to see what she did.  As I was feeding her I noticed the color in her face started to drain (she was gulping down so fast, my poor baby was starved).  I sat her up and her whole body went completely blue...not just pale blue, but the blue where you think they're dead for sure.  I FLIPPED and started screaming.  The nurse grabbed her from me and started pounding on her back.  She screamed for the doctors who immediately rushed in with a few nurses.  Luckily Harper came back around and got her color after about a minute or two. 
I was completely beside myself...the tears wouldn't stop, and they didn't for about a day.  They put her on an oxygen monitor - of course it was low.  Once her levels evened out they gave her a little more of the bottle to see what would happen...of course her oxygen dropped again.  We were rushed down to the hospital and admitted.  Long story short - we were there a few days to monitor her...they thought she could've had a few diseases that didn't allow her to breathe while she ate.  Luckily it was only that she hadn't learned to suck, swallow, and breathe at the same time.  She picked that up pretty fast and we were discharged only a few days later.

Our Jail bird

Finally leaving the hospital for the 2nd time

Finally home! 

My girl is healthy now and has surpassed her birth weight.  She's a little pig thankfully.  Once she got all the food she wanted she was a completely different perfect in every way.  She's just like me - angry when hungry.

I couldn't have lasted this process without my amazing Dal.  The greatest support I could've ever asked for.  Both our parents were able to be there for us and I don't think either of us could've stayed sane without them...

1 Week old

All in all those first couple of weeks included such a range of emotion.  We felt the ultimate in love and were scared to the point of shaking and tears - definitely emotions we've never felt and were not prepared for...Welcome to parenthood :).  Yes, she's completely worth it.