Friday, September 7, 2012

Harper the Hippo

Harper Bugs, Harpsichord, Harpsy, Harps, Harper Baby, Monster, Punker, BEAUTIFUL
...These are only some of the names we have for her.  Trust me, there's a huge long list.
My darling is 13 weeks today...AMAZING.  She is truly the coolest, most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  I can't be biased, check this doll out.
She looks exactly like Dallin, she has his beautiful eyes, his ears (she was messed either way in the ear department - ones that stick out or big ones - sorry Harps), his smile, his hairline, eyebrows...BUT she has my hands :)
She is amazing with her sleep schedule.  Despite all the company and our messed up days, she has adapted pretty well.  She naps every three hours and sleeps for about seven hours straight at night.  Even though I'm used to a sleep schedule of 8-10 hours a night, I'm cool with this one.
She's alright being in her crib, but this is prime Harper area.

These hands...more of my favorite things.  Even when she was in utero, she poses with her hands and they're gorgeous!

She loves smiling, mornings are her time.  I think she knows it's hard for us to wake up so she smiles extra big and a ton to wake us right up.  Smart girl, it works.

This was at her 2 month appointment where that beast nurse gave her like 4 shots.  I made Dallin hold her so when she got stabbed she'd see him instead of me. 

As you can see in this pic, when I pull her pacifier out she flips and grabs for it.

I never imagined what being a mom would be like.  It is the most amazing thing in the world.  Her smiles are constant and never cease in surprising us with how much we love her.  It's such a vulnerable kind of love, which is so scary but so wonderful at the same time.  

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Pierina said...

she is so pretty ash!!! i want to see more pictures of her little face!
how do you get her to sleep for 7 hours?!? ian has done that maybe 3 times but he usually sleeps 4-5 hours.