Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My days spilling into nights

It's almost 2.  In the morning.  I made the grave mistake of falling asleep after 5 pm.  Harper was down for the night and the presidential debates were starting to get boring.  Which led me to a nap from 6:45 - 10:15.  MAN!!!!  Here we are on Tuesday now, and it's about to start over.

Manic Monday.  I heard that song today (technically yesterday) and I immediately/without thinking changed the station.  "Just another manic Monday, wish it were Sunday, that's my fun day".  I'm not sure how much of that I'm getting right.  I HATE that song.  The first time I heard it was during my freshman year in college, my very first semester in the dorms.  I was a smart freshman, I didn't schedule any classes till at least 10 am.  Unfortunately that didn't matter since my roommate had all her classes at 7.  Which meant her dumb alarm clock went off at 6 every, single, morning.  It would wake us up loudly to whatever song was on the radio and for some reason (maybe it was because I was extra tired) the music seemed to last a ridiculous amount of time.  So as I lay in my bunk glaring down at her alarm clock and trying not to throw a pillow to make her get up and turn that crap off, a lot of those songs were burned in my memory.  Obviously not in a good way.
(Simone I love you and miss seeing you every day)

I admit, in college we'd stay up anywhere from 2-6 in the morning, so it was my fault.  Especially that first semester.  4-5 am was the typical time I'd crawl into bed.  Actually I'd have to jump the dorm fence and sneak across the courtyard and PRAY I didn't get caught.  My friend Lauren and I seemed to always be getting into trouble in the dorms.  But they had RIDICULOUS rules, one was that when there was a guy in your apartment, everyone's feet had to be on the ground - no indian sitting style, even if you weren't sitting on the same couch as a guy. 

The point was that even after waking up only a couple hours after going to sleep for the night and going to class, I always came home to a nice, long nap.  I don't get that luxury anymore but seeing Harp's darling face, even if I only got 4 hours, makes it seem like it really didn't matter.

She is a little doll.  She's 4 months old and loves to talk.  If I lay her down for a nap before she's quite ready, she'll lay there and growl/talk.  Never cry, but I see and hear her over the monitor growling at me for a minute before she falls asleep.  She's extremely happy and very social.  She recognizes when someone is speaking to her and she locks eyes and will just study you the entire time.  She is very alert and responsive.  She's just started "getting annoyed".  If she's not standing up or turned to see the world around her, she'll let out a warning shot to us that lets us know we've got about 30 seconds to turn her to see everything before she squeals.  She's weighing in at about 12 lbs 3 oz.  She just started doing a little foot stomp too.  When we're holding her up to stand, she'll get excited about something and start stomping her little foot.  I don't know why but it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I promise I'm not torturing her, I just had to take a quick pic of this cute face...she is so dang adorable especially when she's upset!

She's great at grabbing things and pulling.  Motor skills are pretty awesome right now.

My two favorites.

That's another thing.  With Harper blessing our lives, it's become more obvious to me how blessed I've been and am right now.  There's a reason the plan of salvation is called the plan of happiness.  I've never felt this kind of joy and I didn't realize this kind of sublime happiness was possible.   I don't typically like writing about this on here, maybe it's because it's 2:30 and I'm starting to get really tired.  Or maybe it's because I'm brimming with gratitude and I had to get it out some way.  Either, or, it's there.


Pierina said...

Great post ash!!! Harps is so cuteeee!!! Her and Ian seem to have similar personalities from what you wrote...such chill babies! I love being a mom too and I love seing my friends experiencing the same thing I am experiencing right now...too bad we live far away now :(. Anyway, I love seeing pictures of you beautiful baby girl!

Marcos and Angela said...

Ash, this is so tender... You need to blog more. I thoroughly enjoyed that post, and im not just saying that cuz you are one of my besties... you are great at writing! ok that breakdown of the dorms was CLASSIC! haha i can just picture you know glaring with a pillow in your hand! haha. Harpsie is getting so big! I am going to have to see her again to see how she is doing, sweet babygirl. I just love her!!! Ash, you are the best mama and you are being blessed for fulfilling your role as Harpers mom here on earth. Can you be my mom? ;) love you my hot ash!

The Chambers said...

The plan of happiness makes so much more sense when you have a little one! It's the greatest feeling! Loved this post and your thoughts. Harper is a GEM! Girls are too much fun. You are such a good example my dear! Oh and I have to tell you my girl is 13 lbs 1 oz. as of yesterday and she is 9 weeks!! I laughed when I read your four month old weighs a pound less than mine! lol