Monday, August 19, 2013

Little Pearl Girl Turns One

A told B and B told C
I'll meet you at Harper's first birthday party!
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
How'd it happen so soon?!

How DID it happen so soon?  It feels like just yesterday we were up all hours of the night with that little bundle.  That could be because we were...weaning her has been a fun time.

Harper Sam Dwan turned one on June 15, 2013.  Luckily we were coming back to Reno to manage the moving of our house and settle some final business.  It worked out perfectly that we were able to have Harp's first birthday with Dallin's parents and some of our very close Reno friends.  It couldn't have been better planned!

"Chicka Boom" holds a special place in our hearts :).  It was Dallin's nickname when he was younger, for funny reasons that he'd kill me if I told.  So it just seemed fitting that we give Harp's a chicka boom party.

The banner says "Happy 1st Birthday Harper" was a little much

For food, we had mangos, pineapple, coconut lemonade juice, avocado and shrimp salad with chips and LOTS of candy!

I did make her wear this headband.  It was snatched off a second later.



Her 1st bday cake..Red Velvet!

 And some of our very, very favorite people came to wish her a happy day!

The Amundsen kids (LOVE them!)

Some of our best Reno friends, missing Tash and Matt

Christine's nieces and nephews who only made the party better!

And Dallin's parents!

Harper had such a fun time seeing everyone and ripping up wrapping paper.  She's definitely not a shy baby and she makes that known right off the bat. 
She was a little under the weather that weekend but you would've never known given how happy she was, thankfully.
She didn't know quite what to do with her cake so I smashed her hands into it.  She lifted them with a disgusted look on her face and looked around like, "why the heck did you just do that, I'm dirty now".

We expected her to jump right in, but no, not our proper little miss.  She daintily grabbed pieces one at a time and put them in her mouth.  With her pinky extended, mind you!

The only time she got dirty was when we forced her hands all over her face, just for effect.  Such a good sport, she still loved it!  Just look at that sweet face!

"I'm number one!!"
I absolutely love her in headbands, but there is no way she would keep this stupid thing on. 

Opening presents with Love U

Opening more present! Spoiled little doll!

Jared, Christine, and Londyn gave her her very own phone! woohoo!

She absolutely loved all the attention and gifts

She is definitely a little party animal.  She loves the excitement and craziness and being around lots of people. 
Our little doll is absolutely perfect.  At one year she loved giving kisses, making her angry bunny face, cheerios, and she had just done her first little dance! She loves talking on "her" (it's actually mine) cell phone, her eyes light up when "Siri" talks to her.  She has started terrorizing the cat and chasing her around the place.  She is very social and very aware.  She responds very well to those around her and is very eager to get attention from them.  If we are in an area where people are, and if by chance she has not yet charmed someone, she will start yelling at the nearest person till they turn to see her.  She'll then grin and coo and wave at them.  It's very comical and we always get a kick out of it.  We love you Harper bug!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A desert rat in a never ending forest.

Growing up in Mesa, I've really taken blue skies for granted.  Then came Idaho with the snow. Not ideal, but it was ok. The fun and friends outweighed the cold. 
Then Reno. A nice mix between the two; it came with the blue skies of Mesa mixed with a more temperate climate and SOME snow from Idaho. 
We have no idea where we are living. 
Microsoft is paying for a month free in an apartment, which is nice but the housing here is horribly expensive (I'm obviously comparing to Arizona, Idaho, and Reno). 
Plus neither of us like any of the houses our realtor is showing us. Picky picky. 
We've even contemplated buying land and building ourselves. Hmmm. 

Dallin is liking his new job which is wonderful. So proud of my Senior Financial Analyst.  We're super excited for this new adventure but still really sad to leave Reno. I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. I'm sure I can give that to the ward we moved into, the awesome friends we made, Dallin's amazing parents.  We're very sad to leave that behind, but nothing a round trip ticket can't fix. 

Every place I've ever lived, I've loved. I do have to say, I absolutely love the desert landscape! I found it in Idaho and in Reno...but it's nowhere to be found in Washington! NOWHERE!  It's beautiful, don't get me wrong, but I think Dallin said it best when he described all the tress, everywhere, as "claustrophobic".  

This desert rat misses cactus and rattlesnakes. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

I Spy

I spy with my little eye, something white. 
I spy with my little eye, something small. 
I spy with my little eye, something SHARP! 

This is my best attempt at getting a picture of her teeth. 
She has two little bottom teeth that literally budded and grew over night together. 
But I spied this morning a little sharp guy on top. I'm sure being bitten sparked my curiosity too. 
Our sweet 11 month old is such a curious little thing with the most fun personality. 
She's constantly smiling and waving. She says "mamamamama" when she's upset or wants something, and "dadadadadada" just in everyday jabber. I have this foreshadowing feeling that this will be standard. 
She is ridiculously resilient. She bonks her head, falls over, slams her face when she tries to walk, etc, and no water works ever! 
She only really cries when she's hungry and/or tired. But I do too, so I can't really say anything against it. 
She just started eating Cheerios and harder foods last month, quite the big girl!

All in all for this update, we love our sweet, beautiful, happy, bright, social, smiley, still bald, blue eyed Harper bug dearly. 

For being so smiley, the camera catches her at bad times. But this is proof she is still just as cute when she's upset. Am I biased? :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Uh Oh

Harper took her first step today.
She's been standing up on her own for a few days now.
This time, she got wobbly so she took a step! She toppled over after that, but it still counts!
One small step for Harper, one big step for my house never being clean again.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clyde's Update

He got his gun. A Ruger LC9 with a red laser for more precise shooting. The laser is Xena's new favorite toy. I'm sure when I find her dead, Dal will just say he was playing and.... WHOOPS!

After I wrote about my fugitive I started remembering a bunch of stories about him evading the law. The list is quite long and some are pretty funny. Next post...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Bonnie to His Clyde

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you our suspect:
Seems to be that this SUSPECT is a fugitive of the law. 
It all started when this guy wanted to buy a handgun, it's been a long time coming and I finally caved.  A week before Christmas we found the perfect gun and were ready for the big purchase, so off we went to Cabela's.  He picked out his gun and all the expensive extras that HAVE to come with it (the salesman was a 6' 7'' giant in the Guard who apparantly knew his stuff about guns, it was an obvious upsale).  Dal filled out the mandatory background check but since it was so late in the day, the FBI was closed and we had to wait till the following day to hear back. 
Naturally we called back the next afternoon and found out that the FBI flagged Dallin and was doing a more thorough investigation which took an additional three days....great. 
Two WEEKS later we find out that there's something wrong with Dallin's background but no one from the FBI can tell us what, so then there's the waiting game for the mail (another week and a half).  We automatically assume they messed up his name somehow...but wait!  It was his social they're using!  Oh no....maybe his identity was stolen!  This was our thought for two weeks, horrible!
We finally get a piece of mail from the FBI, Dal opens it and reads it outloud, saying:  you are a fugitive from the law and there's a warrant out for your arrest.  The warrant is from Elko, NV.
I freaked.  All these horrible thoughts of my husband being sent to jail, being a jailbird's wife with this new baby, courts and attorneys, "what the heck did he do before I married him!!!!", I said something I immediately regretted..."If you go to jail you will never see Harper or me again!"
So ridiculous.  Being so, we both had a good laugh at the dumb statement I had made. 
It was Friday night when we got this piece of mail so we had to wait till Monday to be able to call Elko and find out what was up.  My first immediate thought after I saw Elko was that it had been a speeding ticket from years ago that he just "forgot" about.  This is so Dallin.
Monday came and I was right...Dallin couldn't get a gun because of a stupid speeding ticket from seven years ago.  Thankfully we were able to pay an obscene amount of money to have it wiped, but it's still in the FBI records that Dallin was refused the right to buy a gun.
Who knew I had married such a dangerous criminal.  A regular day Bonnie and Clyde...with a baby.