Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Bonnie to His Clyde

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you our suspect:
Seems to be that this SUSPECT is a fugitive of the law. 
It all started when this guy wanted to buy a handgun, it's been a long time coming and I finally caved.  A week before Christmas we found the perfect gun and were ready for the big purchase, so off we went to Cabela's.  He picked out his gun and all the expensive extras that HAVE to come with it (the salesman was a 6' 7'' giant in the Guard who apparantly knew his stuff about guns, it was an obvious upsale).  Dal filled out the mandatory background check but since it was so late in the day, the FBI was closed and we had to wait till the following day to hear back. 
Naturally we called back the next afternoon and found out that the FBI flagged Dallin and was doing a more thorough investigation which took an additional three days....great. 
Two WEEKS later we find out that there's something wrong with Dallin's background but no one from the FBI can tell us what, so then there's the waiting game for the mail (another week and a half).  We automatically assume they messed up his name somehow...but wait!  It was his social they're using!  Oh no....maybe his identity was stolen!  This was our thought for two weeks, horrible!
We finally get a piece of mail from the FBI, Dal opens it and reads it outloud, saying:  you are a fugitive from the law and there's a warrant out for your arrest.  The warrant is from Elko, NV.
I freaked.  All these horrible thoughts of my husband being sent to jail, being a jailbird's wife with this new baby, courts and attorneys, "what the heck did he do before I married him!!!!", I said something I immediately regretted..."If you go to jail you will never see Harper or me again!"
So ridiculous.  Being so, we both had a good laugh at the dumb statement I had made. 
It was Friday night when we got this piece of mail so we had to wait till Monday to be able to call Elko and find out what was up.  My first immediate thought after I saw Elko was that it had been a speeding ticket from years ago that he just "forgot" about.  This is so Dallin.
Monday came and I was right...Dallin couldn't get a gun because of a stupid speeding ticket from seven years ago.  Thankfully we were able to pay an obscene amount of money to have it wiped, but it's still in the FBI records that Dallin was refused the right to buy a gun.
Who knew I had married such a dangerous criminal.  A regular day Bonnie and Clyde...with a baby.


Marcos and Angela said...

I knew there was a G in Dallin... haha and you never thought you married someone with some ghetto in him... runnin from the law! hahaha this cracks me up. love it!

LJ said...

oh my gosh what a GANGSTER!!!! hahah ii love this story!!!