Thursday, June 6, 2013

A desert rat in a never ending forest.

Growing up in Mesa, I've really taken blue skies for granted.  Then came Idaho with the snow. Not ideal, but it was ok. The fun and friends outweighed the cold. 
Then Reno. A nice mix between the two; it came with the blue skies of Mesa mixed with a more temperate climate and SOME snow from Idaho. 
We have no idea where we are living. 
Microsoft is paying for a month free in an apartment, which is nice but the housing here is horribly expensive (I'm obviously comparing to Arizona, Idaho, and Reno). 
Plus neither of us like any of the houses our realtor is showing us. Picky picky. 
We've even contemplated buying land and building ourselves. Hmmm. 

Dallin is liking his new job which is wonderful. So proud of my Senior Financial Analyst.  We're super excited for this new adventure but still really sad to leave Reno. I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. I'm sure I can give that to the ward we moved into, the awesome friends we made, Dallin's amazing parents.  We're very sad to leave that behind, but nothing a round trip ticket can't fix. 

Every place I've ever lived, I've loved. I do have to say, I absolutely love the desert landscape! I found it in Idaho and in Reno...but it's nowhere to be found in Washington! NOWHERE!  It's beautiful, don't get me wrong, but I think Dallin said it best when he described all the tress, everywhere, as "claustrophobic".  

This desert rat misses cactus and rattlesnakes. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

I Spy

I spy with my little eye, something white. 
I spy with my little eye, something small. 
I spy with my little eye, something SHARP! 

This is my best attempt at getting a picture of her teeth. 
She has two little bottom teeth that literally budded and grew over night together. 
But I spied this morning a little sharp guy on top. I'm sure being bitten sparked my curiosity too. 
Our sweet 11 month old is such a curious little thing with the most fun personality. 
She's constantly smiling and waving. She says "mamamamama" when she's upset or wants something, and "dadadadadada" just in everyday jabber. I have this foreshadowing feeling that this will be standard. 
She is ridiculously resilient. She bonks her head, falls over, slams her face when she tries to walk, etc, and no water works ever! 
She only really cries when she's hungry and/or tired. But I do too, so I can't really say anything against it. 
She just started eating Cheerios and harder foods last month, quite the big girl!

All in all for this update, we love our sweet, beautiful, happy, bright, social, smiley, still bald, blue eyed Harper bug dearly. 

For being so smiley, the camera catches her at bad times. But this is proof she is still just as cute when she's upset. Am I biased? :)