Monday, August 19, 2013

Little Pearl Girl Turns One

A told B and B told C
I'll meet you at Harper's first birthday party!
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
How'd it happen so soon?!

How DID it happen so soon?  It feels like just yesterday we were up all hours of the night with that little bundle.  That could be because we were...weaning her has been a fun time.

Harper Sam Dwan turned one on June 15, 2013.  Luckily we were coming back to Reno to manage the moving of our house and settle some final business.  It worked out perfectly that we were able to have Harp's first birthday with Dallin's parents and some of our very close Reno friends.  It couldn't have been better planned!

"Chicka Boom" holds a special place in our hearts :).  It was Dallin's nickname when he was younger, for funny reasons that he'd kill me if I told.  So it just seemed fitting that we give Harp's a chicka boom party.

The banner says "Happy 1st Birthday Harper" was a little much

For food, we had mangos, pineapple, coconut lemonade juice, avocado and shrimp salad with chips and LOTS of candy!

I did make her wear this headband.  It was snatched off a second later.



Her 1st bday cake..Red Velvet!

 And some of our very, very favorite people came to wish her a happy day!

The Amundsen kids (LOVE them!)

Some of our best Reno friends, missing Tash and Matt

Christine's nieces and nephews who only made the party better!

And Dallin's parents!

Harper had such a fun time seeing everyone and ripping up wrapping paper.  She's definitely not a shy baby and she makes that known right off the bat. 
She was a little under the weather that weekend but you would've never known given how happy she was, thankfully.
She didn't know quite what to do with her cake so I smashed her hands into it.  She lifted them with a disgusted look on her face and looked around like, "why the heck did you just do that, I'm dirty now".

We expected her to jump right in, but no, not our proper little miss.  She daintily grabbed pieces one at a time and put them in her mouth.  With her pinky extended, mind you!

The only time she got dirty was when we forced her hands all over her face, just for effect.  Such a good sport, she still loved it!  Just look at that sweet face!

"I'm number one!!"
I absolutely love her in headbands, but there is no way she would keep this stupid thing on. 

Opening presents with Love U

Opening more present! Spoiled little doll!

Jared, Christine, and Londyn gave her her very own phone! woohoo!

She absolutely loved all the attention and gifts

She is definitely a little party animal.  She loves the excitement and craziness and being around lots of people. 
Our little doll is absolutely perfect.  At one year she loved giving kisses, making her angry bunny face, cheerios, and she had just done her first little dance! She loves talking on "her" (it's actually mine) cell phone, her eyes light up when "Siri" talks to her.  She has started terrorizing the cat and chasing her around the place.  She is very social and very aware.  She responds very well to those around her and is very eager to get attention from them.  If we are in an area where people are, and if by chance she has not yet charmed someone, she will start yelling at the nearest person till they turn to see her.  She'll then grin and coo and wave at them.  It's very comical and we always get a kick out of it.  We love you Harper bug!


Marcos and Angela said...

Ash, I LOVE how she handled the cake so well with her dainty little fingers--- she is the PRINCESS, duh!!! She has grown so much and is a sweetie pie... I want to see her now and play! Thanks for the updates on the party since I couldnt be there. Love ya babe!

Taralynn and Kory said...

what a good mom she has to force cake on her face for effect! haha i still need to meet this little girl! hope seattle is treating you well!