Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My sweet spunk

Where has the time gone?  Probably wherever my newborn is now...
That tiny, little, squawking bundle is a full fledged toddler.  She's complete with a personality 20 times her own size and a hairline like mine. 
I write this as we sit here together watching Bubble Guppies and eating goldfish. So very fitting.  This has become my favorite time. She cuddles up and leans into me and we settle in for her favorite show. And the miracle... She stays here to cuddle the entire time!
"And though she be but little, she is fierce."  That Shakespeare quote is all over Pinterest and I can't think of anything that could describe my Harper better. She has retained her resilience and her tough personality. I should've realized that this is who she is already even at a couple days old when we had so many issues.  
On top of her strength she is ridiculously fun and has a humor to match. She is so mischievous and I find myself watching her do things that I have done, myself. 
She's also the most talented performer I've ever seen. When she has an audience she turns it up and makes sure everyone around is in stitches laughing.
She is weighing in around 23 lbs, like I said, LITTLE;  22 months old and is saying about 16-18 words, some not as distinguishable as others. One of these words is "poo poo". I'm kind of bugged she's already learned this because she says it at the most imperfect times. But it has served her well so far. 
Last week Dallin and I were playing with her and she passed gas, loudly. She turned and smiled at us then she turned and pointed to Dallin and said "poo poo". If she can already blame her business on someone else we are in big trouble.... Sorry for the off color story. It was just too good not to share.  
She also hates wearing any sort of unnecessary piece of clothing. As soon as we are home or in the car, shoes, socks, hair accessories come off, faster than lightening! I don't blame her though, I'm all about comfort. It's just aggravating when we are running errands and I have to put shoes on 4-5 different times. 

My crazy little girl dipping her goldfish in melted ice cream. So gross. 

Her first dentist appointment!  She did awesome and scored a few toys from "Juju" (Our good friend Julie who works there)! 

I love that sweet spunk.